Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Customizing Jane

Did you know that you can add your own flare to much of the language in Jane? You’ll need to be set up as a “Full Access” account to get to the right spot in the Settings tab.


We call this area “Language” - which is actually because we originally used it when we were translating Jane’s outward facing text into other languages (currently French, Dutch, and Portuguese). But you can use it to just change or add in your own language!

Common Uses

Short-Term or Important Notifications for All Clients

Messages about moving space or upcoming fee increases might mean there’s some temporary information you’d like highlighted prominently on your online booking page and in your notification emails.

You can add text to a few of these areas to help communicate these important changes or instructions and remove them when/if they become no longer relevant.

Online Booking Message

Here’s an example of a clinic using it to notify people of the address change, but you can add any message you’d like to highlight.

That one is called Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages


You might also like to add this information to your automated reminder and notification emails that Jane sends out.

The Booking Notification

And the Appointment Reminder Email

When you enter the new text you will be given an area to enter the text and then a preview of how it looks with the fancy formatting you might be adding.

These areas let you get a little magical and will read certain formatting. There’s a cheat sheet just below the text boxes that you can expand to learn the code.

And then if you want to see what that would look like in your actual email to clients, you can hop over to the “emails” area to see the full email with the new text. That’s just a few tabs up in the Settings page.


You can change what “patients” are called in Jane to anything that makes sense for your business. Maybe “animal” or “student” or “athlete” would be more accurate.

You can also change the word “treatments” to something different - services or call types for example.

This is for the whole over-arching idea of what you offer. Individual treatments or services are named when you create them.

So if you offer Services to Animals that would be the equivalent of Treatments to Patients.

Marketing Language

There’s an area in Jane where people can opt into the “marketing material” you might offer. Newsletters, special offers, promo materials etc all fall under “Non-transactional emails” and require a physical opt-in process. Where it used to be okay to automatically opt people into these lists - as long as you provided an “unsubscribe” option - this is no longer enough.

Jane’s default language here is very clear and is set to “Yes, I would like to receive news and special promotions by email.” But you might like it to be a little more aligned to what you’re sending out. Like “Yes! I’d love to receive email updates about what’s going on in the practice - such as holiday hours or pricing changes”.

Text/SMS Reminders

This one is a bit limited on size and length, but you can make changes to the text reminders if you would like them to be worded a little differently. And because Jane pulls in unique information for each reminder it requires a little more advanced understanding of the codey code. But you can do it!

Again, there’s a formatting cheat sheet just below the editor, so you can brush up on your Markdown. And then give us a call - we’re always looking for new coders :)

Those are some of the most commonly used sections of the Languages area, but feel free to browse through to see if there’s more things you can do to help communicate in your special tone.

Other Customizations in Jane

Below is a list of additional areas that Jane allows you to make your own. Have a peek to see where else Jane is letting you shine through:

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