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US Insurance Step 3

There are 3 steps that are required to get your account ready to use Jane’s Insurance features:

Set Up Task Task Complete
Adding Your Insurers 🥳
Assign Rates to Your CPT Codes 🥳
Tax Numbers & NPIs ✍️

Step 3: Tax Numbers & NPIs

You’re almost ready to start billing! For EDI submission, you’ll be required to have added your Clinic & Staff NPIs, Place of Service Code, and Staff Tax Numbers.

Clinic NPI & Place of Service Code

You can enter your valid 10-digit NPI and Place of Service Code by heading over to the Settings tab and clicking into Clinic Info & Locations.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Edit” button next to your location. Scroll to the bottom again to add in your valid 10-digit NPI and Place of Service Code.

Staff NPI & Tax Numbers

Staff Members require an NPI and a Tax Identifier to create an EDI file for insurance claim submission.

This Tax Identifier can be either an SSN, EIN, or TIN. These can all be added as Provider ID Numbers in the Staff Profile. The SSN will be favored for the EDI and CMS-1500 form if all Tax Identifiers are listed, followed by the EIN then TIN.

Additionally, if you require a Taxonomy number for submission, you can enter that in as a Staff ID number in your staff profile (more details on that below). Please note that this is not a required field, so you will not receive an error message if it is omitted. If you have a Taxonomy number in your staff profile, it will be included in box 33b on any EDI file you generate.

Insurer Specific NPI Option:

Does a particular insurance company that you bill require you to bill with a different NPI in box 32a and 33a than what you’ve entered in as your Clinic’s NPI?

If this is the case, you can set up an Insurer Specific NPI within your Staff profile under ID Numbers. When you press the Add button, you’ll see the list of the Health Insurance Insurers you’ve set up on your account. You’ll just need to select the Insurer you’d like to add in a specific NPI for and be sure to add in your valid 10-digit NPI.

If you have an Insurer Specific NPI, it will be used in place of your Location NPI for all EDIs produced for that insurer.

Nice job – your account is now set up for insurance billing. 👏

Next up, start billing!!

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