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Transferring a Gift Card Balance

From time to time family members and friends like to share their own Gift Cards with their loved ones. In these instances, Jane will allow us to do this in a couple of ways.

Simple Way to Share a Gift Card

The quickest way to share a Gift Card balance from one patient to another is to simply Redeem the Gift Card at the time of purchase.

  1. Receive Payment as usual. In the final Pay screen click Add Payment Method and select Redeem Gift Card… from the list in the popup window.

  2. Search the name or number of the Gift Card belonging to the patient who wants to share their Gift Card balance with the client.

  3. If the Gift Card covers the entire amount, you can remove the default payment method by clicking the X or you can leave it if the Gift Card only covers a portion and another payment method is required to pay in full.

  4. Hit Pay and you are done…Easy peasy!

Officially Transfer the Balance

Sometimes it just feels better to actually see that credit living on the profile of the patient we want to share the balance of a Gift Card with, Jane gets that. In this case, we’ll have you Transfer the Balance (this is also how we share account credits from one patient to another in Jane).

  1. Head to the profile of the patient whose Gift Card you wish to transfer. Go to > Billing > Gift Cards and click on the name of the Gift Card you would like to share between patients.

  2. Click the Transfer Balance button.

  3. Search and select the name of the patient you wish to Transfer the Balance to.

You’re done! Jane is now storing the balance as a credit on the recipient’s profile and listing it under their Billing > Gift Cards tab.

NOTE: Using the transfer balance feature will update the payment method on receipt and statements from Gift Card to Account Credit.

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