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Tips for Ordering Gift Cards

Gift Card Numbers

There are a whole bunch of technical options for ordering gift cards, and we’ve decided to keep things as simple as possible. So, when your gift card supplier asks you intimidating questions about mag stripes and tracks, here’s some info you can reference.

Jane does not require any encoding, encryption or special prefixes. The cards can simply consist of a unique random number. We recommend a 12 digit number, and avoiding numbers that begin with a 4 or 5, so they aren’t easily confused with a credit card. You can ask your supplier to generate a list of random numbers, or you can provide them a list. Just be sure to get a copy of the list, so when you do your next order, you can make sure you’re not creating any duplicate numbers.

If you have special requirements for your gift card numbers, such as a prefix for each of your locations, you’re welcome to build your numbers however you like. Jane will do the right thing as long as they are unique.

Gift Card Suppliers

A quick google search will give you many many gift card suppliers from all over the planet. We have customers who have ordered from CDN Print Plastic in Toronto

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