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Reload an Existing Gift Card

First, you can start by going into the patient’s profile and clicking on Billing and then Gift Cards.

You can search for the existing gift card number, or click on the name or number if you see it listed below.

In the window that opens, click Load Gift Card on the top right corner.

Then you should be walked through the checkout process.

Just edit the amount you’d like to load onto the gift card and proceed through the payment as usual.

Reload a Gift Card from the Receive Payment Screen

Any time you are receiving a payment from a patient, you can also load funds onto an existing gift card.

  1. Click Receive Payment on the patient’s payments tab,

    or click Pay at the top of an Appointment pane to enter the Receive Payment screen.

  2. Click the blue Load Gift Card hyperlink.

  3. Enter the gift card name or number in the Load Gift Card search field.

    If it’s an existing card, it will appear in the list and show you any existing balance on the card.

  4. Enter the amount you would like to load onto the gift card.

  5. Click Pay or any of the Pay & Receipt options, and you’re done!

This gift card will now be listed in a few places within Jane.

Where to Find and Reload Gift Cards in Jane

Patient’s Profile > Billing > Gift Cards

Billing > Gift Cards / Certificates

Reports > Gift Cards

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