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Donating Gift Cards or Promos

Often clinics will want to support a local fundraiser by donating gift cards to raffles or auctions.

How you manage these free services depends on how you would like to see them recorded on your Staff Compensation reports.

Practitioners Paid as Normal

If you want to compensate your staff for these treatments as if they were regularly paid treatments you can load the gift cards using Credit Memos.

I like to use a clinic account for loading up this type of card - such as your clinic name. So create a client profile as your clinic to use for loading the cards.

Then load up the clinic profile with as much credit as you’d like to transfer onto the cards. For example if you’re giving away 5 gift cards at $100 each then you could create a credit memo for $500.

Credit Memos can be created from the “patient” profile.

Then create the Credit Memo and add detail about what the Credit Memo is for:

Now you can create the Gift Cards

Scan or enter the Gift Card Number

And just keep going - load as many as you need:

Then click next and use the credit to pay for the gift cards:

Click Add Payment Method:

Then choose the credit:

Click Apply and you’re done. You now have 5 gift cards loaded with credit provided by the clinic.

When the client comes in just use the gift card as the payment method as with any other gift card

Now this payment will show up on the practitioner’s compensation for that day and they will be compensated as if it was a normally billed visit.

Practitioner is NOT Compensated

Since you’re not compensating the practitioner there’s technically no money involved, but you want to track a loss to the clinic.

The best way to do that is to use an adjustment when the patient comes in to change the value of the appointment to $0.

You can track how much you’ve given away at the end of the year using your adjustment report.

You don’t need to load anything onto any cards or certificates — only provide something that the patient would surrender when they come in so that you know to apply the adjustment and can control how many are provided. It would be good if whatever you provided also noted which staff member the patient could see.

Here’s an example of the adjustment report over a time period:

You would have this adjustment at 100% discount called something identifiable and then set to Provided by Clinic & Staff Member.

Essentially you don’t want to create any income because you are not paying anything out. So if you create a value you would end up with a credit that is unused.

So the best plan of action is to adjust the price of the treatment to reflect what you’re collecting (nothing) but track that discount.

Here’s some more information on adjustments.

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