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Redeeming a Gift Card

Here’s Jane’s 2 simple ways to redeem a gift card!

Redeeming a gift card can be done from the Receive Payment screen in Jane.

Click Receive Payment on a patient’s Biling > Payments tab,

or click Pay at the top of an Appointment pane to access the Receive Payment screen.

On the payment screen, click Add Payment Method and choose Redeem Gift Cards to reveal the gift card search field.

Enter the gift card number by hand, or click the search field and use a USB swiper to scan the gift card number.

The gift card will appear in the list if it is a valid name or number existing in Jane.

You can choose how much of the gift card to redeem at this time. And you can also combine other payment methods, such as existing account credit, or a new payment to pay for the outstanding purchases listed below.

Click Pay or any of the Pay & Receipt options, and you’re done!

Redeeming directly through the gift card

You can also redeem by selecting the gift card first. First, find the gift card under Billing > Gift Cards / Certificates and click the View button for that gift card.

Then click Redeem Gift Card button in the top right.

Next type in the name of the patient you want to redeem the gift card for and choose them from the list.

Once you’ve selected them, continue with the usual payment by selecting the items you’d like to pay for with the gift card and click Next.

You’ll see the gift card will be listed as the payment method. Simply type in the dollar amount to redeem from the gift card and click Pay.

Head over here if you need further help :)

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