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Chapter 4: Charting

Jane University: Front Desk Staff Training

Pro Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! Contact us to request access.

Chapter 4: Charting for Administrators

You might be looking to load in a scanned doctor referral, an in-clinic intake form, or the paper chart that you’re leaving behind. Loading documents into Jane is something that you will likely do regularly, so let’s explore how this works in the video below by reviewing the basics of Jane’s charting:

QUICK ACTIVITY: At the Jane Demo Clinic, head over to the patient profile for Benjamin French. In the “Chart” tab, use the “New Chart Entry” button to select “File/Image” upload. In the new draft chart entry, give it a great description that will make it easy to search for later on. Example: Paper Chart January 2015 to December 2017. Click “Sign” to complete the new chart entry.

Files Area in Chart:

There’s an area in every patient’s profile called “Files” where you can conveniently review all uploads with a preview of the document. You can also jump to that chart entry or add new uploads to the chart. Click the link below to take a look at the different ways that the Files area can help:

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Pro Tip: Plan for paper. There are some forms that you just can’t avoid. Paper intake forms for those that aren’t comfortable with computers, or specific insurance or consent forms. Many of our Jane users are laminating the form on hard card stock and then have people fill them in using erasable markers. You can then scan in the completed form and erase the form for the next use.

Uploads for Review - Labs, X-Rays and Other Reporting

If you are uploading clinical information that needs to be reviewed by a practitioner, it’s most accurate to assign the uploaded chart entry to the appropriate practitioner. Learn how this works in the link below:

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Print/Export Chart Notes

Sometimes you need to export a chart record for a medical legal request or referral to another practitioner.

You can find the export option by finding your patient and heading to their chart. At the top of the chart is a “filter/export” button.

You can see that at the top of the chart there are now also a number of filters available to you.

You can reduce the chart down to entries by just a specific practitioner, discipline, or date range as per the request parameters. So if you’ve been asked for records for a patient from July 15 to October 31 for just one practitioner, you can filter down to the appropriate entries before you export.

Once you have the chart entries displayed that you’d like to export, click the “print” or “PDF” buttons.

QUICK ACTIVITY: At the Jane Demo Clinic, a medical record request has arrived for Benjamin French. Use the “Filter/Export” button to PDF all of his 2019 chart notes.

Done & Done! You’re ready for Chapter 5.

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