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Chapter 2: Appointments

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💡Jane Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! Contact us to request access.

Chapter 2: Working with Appointments

Now that we’re feeling comfortable navigating the schedule and booking appointments, we can learn how to book repeat appointments, and how to reschedule appointments— in case one of our patients can no longer make it, or changes their mind.

Booking Repeat Appointments:

In our next video, we cover how you can quickly re-book a patient for their next appointment using the copy and paste tools, and how to set up appointments that repeat automatically at regular intervals.

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!

In the video above, we learned that the Copy button is used to quickly schedule the exact same appointment a second time, so you don’t have to enter all the appointment details again. Note: When you Copy an appointment, the previous appointment will remain on the schedule, as you are just making a copy. :)

Rescheduling Appointments:

Next up, we’ll cover how you can reschedule an appointment for a patient to a different day or time.

The most direct way to move an appointment is to simply click and drag from one day to another. This works well when the appointment is going to be moved within the same week that you can see on your schedule.

If you’re looking to move an appointment to perhaps a different week, you can click once on the appointment and then select the Move button from the appointment panel. This allows you to move an appointment from its original time spot, to a different appointment time, or even to a different practitioner on the schedule. The Move button does not book a second appointment, it simply moves the original appointment to a new date and/or time.

Note: You will only see the option to Move appointments that haven’t been arrived yet.

Cancelling Appointments:

Appointment cancellations happen for a variety of reasons. If you have an appointment on the schedule that you need to cancel, this can be done right inside the Appointment pane. You can also control how your schedule looks, and if cancelled or deleted appointments are visible on the schedule. Let’s learn how in our next video!

🆕  We’ve updated how to manage cancellations in Jane. Before trying out the workflows in the Practice Drill below, check out how to Cancel or Remove an Appointment from the Schedule and set up Late Cancellations.

Practice Drill 🏈

Time to try these workflows in our Demo Clinic Environment!


  • First, let’s rebook an appointment using the Copy button.
  • Find a new appointment in the Schedule. Inside the Appointment window, click the Copy button below Booking Info.
  • An orange message will appear at the top of the page to let us know we are in copy mode. If we hit this button by accident we can also click the orange “Cancel Copy” button on the top right.
  • To finish copying, click any available spot in the schedule. A green message will appear to let us know this was successful and we will now see our copied appointment in our selected spot. This will copy over all of the settings for this appointment.
  • Next, choose any unarrived appointment from the Schedule. Underneath Booking Info, click on the Cancel/Remove dropdown.
  • Select one of the Cancellation reasons or Delete this appointment. Remember that Cancelling an appointment notifies the patient, while Deleting does not. (Jane Tip! Don’t forget you can quickly view cancelled or deleted appointments in your schedule by clicking on the cog wheel icon in the bottom right and togging those on.)

Touchdown! 📣

Test your skills:

Watch out for Quizzley Bears! - Chapter 2, Quiz 1

💡Jane Tip: Jane uses the same system to manage late cancellations as for No Shows. You can add as many different fees as you’d like (say you charge full price, or a flat rate, or a percentage) to use when recording the late cancellation. Learn more about managing Late Cancellations by clicking here.

Using the Wait List:

Managing a practitioner’s wait list in Jane is easy and painless. We have included the wait list feature in Jane’s schedule in a way that is unobtrusive yet easily accessible with a single click when you need it. Watch the video to see Jane’s Wait List in action:

💡Jane Tip: It’s often handy to add a note to a patient’s wait list request so other staff in the clinic know what’s going on.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to our Hub guide on all things Wait List Management.

Make it Quiztal Clear - Chapter 2, Quiz 2

Double Book Appointments:

If you’re needing to squeeze in some double bookings on the schedule administratively, you can do so by using the keyboard shortcut “D.” This button allows staff members to double book appointments on the schedule, but will not allow patients to double book online.

Jane’s Double Booking Feature is most commonly used by Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Physiotherapists who have 2 or more treatment rooms available. Often these practitioners’ appointments involve some one-to-one treatment time and some time when the patient is alone stretching, exercising, or resting. During that alone time, the practitioner can move between multiple patients at once.

Watch how to create a double booking on the schedule in the video below:

Note: You will need to be logged in under a Full Access account to access the Schedule Settings.

Practice Drill 🏈

Time to try Double Booking out in our Demo Clinic!


  • Head over to the Schedule and choose a practitioner from the list. Click on their name to bring up only their shifts.
  • Hit the D key on your keyboard. You will notice all existing appointments will shift over to the left, creating space to book adjacent appointments on the right.
  • Click any open spot to add a booking. Complete the booking with whatever patient and treatment type you’d like.
  • When you’re finished booking the appointment, click the D key again to return back to the regular schedule mode.

Touchdown! 📣

Get InQUIZitive - Chapter 2, Quiz 3

2 Gold stars for you! Let’s see what’s up next, in Chapter 3.

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