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US Insurance FAQs & Troubleshooting

Insurance Billing FAQs

There are a number of different workflows in US insurance billing, so we’ve listed below some of the most common FAQs! We hope it helps, and as always, let us know if you have any additional questions we can help with.

1)Where do I add a patient’s insurance policy information to Jane? What’s a claim?

2) What is an EDI?

3) How do post a $0 EOB? My patient hasn’t met their deductible yet, how do I record the remittance?

4) Where can I upload an ERA?

5) How can I see my patient’s co pay?

6) I’ve already submitted this claim, why is it back in the unsubmitted folder?

7) Does Jane support courtesy billing?

8) What is the edit billing codes area at the bottom of my charts? Does this save the codes in the medical record?

9) Re-setting Insurance Claim Counts/Limits: https://jane.app/guide/re-setting-insurance-claim-counts-limits

10) Billing to Lawyers: https://jane.app/guide/including-billing-diagnosis-codes-in-patient-charts

12) Posting an Insurer Payment (Example): https://jane.app/guide/adding-billing-codes-to-paid-invoices

US Insurance Rejections, Errors & Troubleshooting

Below are some of the more common rejections we’ve seen come back to clinics, and clinics can tackle them. Let us know if there’s other rejections you would have come accross, and how they were resolved, so we can add them to this list!

There are more than twelve diagnosis codes added to a CPT or billing code.

If you get this rejection from a clearinghouse or insurer, or if you see a message like the one below in Jane:

This means that the clinic has added more than 12 diagnosis codes toward any one CPT code. If sent out to insurers, this will be rejected or denied due to claim submission standards stating that only up to 12 diagnosis codes can be added to a claim.

Removing all diagnosis codes until only up to 12 codes points to or is attached to a CPT code will ensure that the claim isn’t rejected.

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