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Jane Payments FAQs

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🏦 Processing Fees

💳 General Questions

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🏦 Processing Fees


What are the Processing Fees by country?

There are no monthly or annual fees with Jane Payments (powered by Stripe). You’ll only ever pay for what you process! 💃

🇨🇦 Canada:

  • Online: 2.75% per transaction
  • Terminal: 2.65% per transaction, $0.10 for Interac Debit

🇺🇸 USA:

  • Online: 2.85% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Terminal: 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction


How long is the contract term with Jane Payments?

Just like Jane, there are no contracts or fixed terms with Jane Payments.


General Questions


Does the Jane Payments Terminal save the card on file for future use?

It sure can! Clinics can optionally save a credit card on file when a client taps, swipes, or inserts their card into the Jane Payments Terminal. To learn more, check out our guide Saving credit cards from the Jane Payments Terminal .


Can my patients leave a tip?

You bet! Check out our guide to Tips on the Jane Payments Terminal to learn more.


What payment methods can Jane Payments accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, UnionPay, and, if you have a Jane Payments Terminal, Interac Debit.


What should I do if I have multiple practitioners that need to be paid out directly?

With Jane Payments’ online payment features, you can set up as many accounts as you need to pay out directly. When using a Jane Payments Terminal for in-person payments, all of your practitioners can use one terminal and be paid out individually. We know, it’s pretty magical! 💫 If you’d like to learn more, this guide is for you.


Are there any reports to help me keep track of the transactions and payouts from Jane Payments?

There sure are. Under the Reports tab, you’ll see the Jane Payments Payouts & Jane Payments Transactions reports, which give you real-time information about your transactions, processing fees, and deposits.


Do I need to have any hardware to process Jane Payments?

If you’d like to collect payments in person, you’ll need the Jane Payments Terminal (which can be purchased directly in your account). Otherwise, you can process all your payments directly in Jane.


How do I refund a transaction made through Jane Payments?

You can refund any transaction made through Jane Payments right in Jane, without your client being present. The only exception is if the payment was made on an Interac Debit card, which will need to be inserted into the Jane Payments Terminal first in order to process a refund.


Will Jane store my client’s payment data?

No credit card data is stored in Jane. When you enter credit card information into Jane, Jane creates and keeps a token that can be used to reference that information. But the actual sensitive information is sent to and stored within our payment processing partner Stripe, who holds the highest security certification in the industry. 🔒


Do I need internet/wifi to use the Jane Payments terminal?

Yes, the Jane Payments terminal will require a strong, reliable internet or wifi connection to function. If you are a mobile clinic 🚙, we recommend reaching out with any questions before purchasing



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