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Physitrack - Using Jane & Physitrack Together

Once your Physitrack/Jane integration is all set up, you can begin using it with just 2 clicks from a patient’s chart. Click Here for help with setting up the integration.

View any patient’s chart in Jane and click the Patient dropdown menu in the header of the chart.

Select View in Physitrack from the dropdown menu.

This will open up a new tab in your browser and automatically sign you in to your Physitrack account, and automatically create the patient record for you.

From there you can assign an exercise program, and your patient will be automatically notified by email.

As soon as you assign the program to your patient, a PDF will be automatically loaded into your patient’s chart in Jane.

What Patient information is sent to Physitrack?

The following patient fields are sent over to your Physitrack account:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birth Year

Manually adding Physitrack exercise programs to your patient’s chart in Jane

Any new exercise programs you prescribe will automatically be loaded into your patient’s chart in Jane. But if there is other info in Physitrack that you want to bring over, Physitrack lets you save exercise programs, outcomes and outcome measure results as a PDF, so you can easily upload them to your patient chart in Jane App. It’s a great way to keep treatment information in one location and have it handy for any Worksafe or other compensable claims!

  1. Save an exercise program as a PDF
  2. Save patient outcomes as a PDF
  3. Save patient outcome measure results as a PDF

Click Here for info on how to upload a PDF to your patient’s chart in Jane.

Physitrack Support

For any support-related questions or requests for a free online tutorial users can email the Physitrack support team at support@physitrack.com