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Welcome to Jane's US Biller Training Course 👋

We’re so happy you’re here! This course is designed by a biller, for billers (that’s you!) We’ve created a fun way for you to learn everything you need to know about billing, whether that’s how to submit a claim to a clearinghouse, receive payment, track aging claims, and more. Our goal is to show you how to bill using Jane in the most efficient way possible.

The US Biller Training Course is broken down into the following five modules:

➡️  Module 1: Setting up Insurers, Billing Codes & Billing Info

➡️  Module 2: Claim Submissions & Management

➡️  Module 3: Modifiers, creating a custom billing code, and changing & adding billing codes

➡️  Module 4: Remittances

➡️  Module 5: A/R Tracking (Aging Claims)

Oh, before we forget, you’re not on this US Insurance journey alone. Our very own Jena will be guiding you through each step. Jena was formerly a biller for a clinic using Jane in Portland, OR so you’re in very good hands. Speaking of which, let’s meet Jena. ⤵️

📄 Biller Listing

Did you know that our lovely Jane Community recommended several billers, which we’ve added to our Biller Listing resource? If you’d like to be added to this list as well, you can fill out this form, and we will reach out for more info.

If you’re ready, let’s head on over to our first module. 🤝 ➡️  Module 1: Setting up Insurers, Billing Codes & Billing Info. Ready, Set, Go!