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Jane's Monthly Newsletter (June)

Hey Jane community,

This month, we’re introducing new functionality that adds layers of value to an insurance feature you already love. Let’s take a look:

(1) Eligibility Checks with Claim.MD 🇺🇸

There’s a big addition to Jane’s clearinghouse integration that we’re thrilled to share — you can now make real-time eligibility checks in Jane through our Claim.MD integration. 🎉

You can now head to your patient’s insurance policy in Jane (bonus: patients can share this info before their first appointment if you’re using the insurance collection field on your Intake Forms! 😉) and run an eligibility check in just a couple of clicks. Within seconds, you’ll see the results of the check — which you can easily filter to find what you need and refer back to in case you forget.

We’re so excited to have this tool available for everyone billing insurance in Jane because we know how important it is to understand a patient’s coverage before you treat them. We hope this helps you collect patient responsibility, reduce rejections, and improve your overall cash flow.

If you’re ready to get started, you can grab your API key from your Claim.MD Account Settings, and head to Settings > Integrations > Clearinghouse in Jane. If you haven’t gotten started with Claim.MD yet, we have a few helpful resources here.

Find everything you need to know about submitting Eligibility Checks through Claim.MD >

(2) Counsellors added to TELUS eClaims 🇨🇦

Hey counsellors, this one’s for you. You can now direct bill through Jane’s TELUS eClaims integration! 🎉

TELUS has recently added more designations to its platform — meaning that counsellors who are members of eligible colleges and associations can now sign up and use the eClaims integration to offer direct billing for their clients.

Direct billing through eClaims lets you leave your sessions on a healing note, rather than a transactional one — so ensure you’re set up with Jane’s insurance features if you’re not already!

Learn more about setting up your TELUS eClaims integration >

Honourable Mentions:

  • Insurance counter update: Previously, the Total Treatments Count in a patient’s insurance policy would include some unnecessary information. To avoid making you comb through the data, Jane will no longer count No Shows, Late Cancellations, or Product Sales toward the Total Treatments Count.
  • Chart accessibility changes: A few changes are coming down the pipeline that will make Jane’s Charting more accessible — starting with the option to hide chart symbols. These symbols take up quite a bit of room and make navigation difficult for folks using screen readers. You can now opt to show or hide them, and Jane will remember your choice.
    • We also made some other accessibility improvements for screen readers in our intake forms and clinical surveys. This change replaces some longer drop-down menus with text fields.
  • Patient Time Zones early access: If you offer telehealth services or practice in different time zones, you might have had a patient confused about their appointment time. We want to solve that! Our upcoming Patient Time Zone feature will let patients set their time zone, so that all openings will appear in their chosen time zone during online booking, in the patient portal, and in any reminders and notifications they receive. If you’d like to be among the first to try it out, fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch.
  • Webinar Replay: In case you missed it, check out this year’s most popular webinar, Optimizing Your Practice’s Admin Workflows! Hosted by Dr. Julie, the CEO and founder of the virtual assistant service Ginger Desk, this session covers the top ten things they recommend all Jane users do to help optimize their practice’s admin workflows.
  • Ambassador Office Hours: We hosted a live session in our Facebook Community group, where Jane Ambassadors shared the things they wished they knew before opening their practice. Catch the replay here on Jane’s official YouTube channel.

Keep up-to-date on everything that’s new in Jane with our Changelog!

That’s all for this month. Reach back out to keep chatting with us. 💙

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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