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Getting Started With Insurance (US)

Did you just sign up with Jane and are super eager to get started start with the insurance features? Not sure where to start?

Look no further!

In a Nutshell

This guide provides an overview of Jane’s insurance features and shows how they all come together once implemented on your account.

If you’re not seeing the insurance tab, and you are a Full Access user, you may be on the base plan - which doesn’t include the insurance features. Check out our Guide on Upgrading to the Insurance Plan for more info!

From the Ground Up

Now let’s walk through step-by-step how you can set up your account in order to use Jane’s insurance features.

Step 1: Adding Your Insurers

You’ll need to set up each insurer that you plan on billing to in your Jane account before you can start creating patient policies and insuring visits.

Take a look at the following guide to learn how: US Insurance Step 1.

Step 2: Assign Rates to Your CPT Codes

If you plan to bill based on the applicable procedural codes, you’ll need to set up your clinic’s fees! You can even set up some Default Allowed Amounts too if you have contracted rates with certain insurance companies.

It also might be a good idea to set up some favorite diagnosis codes while you’re at it to save you a little time down the road.

To learn how to assign rates to your codes and set up your favorites, please have a look at the following guide: US Insurance Step 2.

Step 3: Tax Numbers & NPIs

You’re almost ready to start billing your claims! Before you do, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added all of your required fields for submission to your account.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve added your Clinic & Staff NPIs, Place of Service Code, and Staff Tax Numbers.

Please have a look at the following guide that covers where to enter this information (and a few other things to look out for): US Insurance Step 3.

Step 4: Saving Patient Insurance Information

Now that you’ve set up your codes and insurers, you’re ready to start saving your patients’ insurance information. We call this ‘Creating a patient policy’.

Once you’ve created and saved a patient’s policy information, you can start insuring your patient’s visit(s). The following guide provides a great overview of our recommended workflow for adding billing codes and policies to patient visits.

There are also some pro tips (i.e. how to copy a previous visit’s insurance info) in this guide that will help you down the road.

To learn how to create a patient policy, please have a look at the following guide: Start Billing 3: Insuring the Visit.

Step 5: Start Billing!!!!

Now that you’ve set up your insurance features, you can start submitting your claims!

If you’ll be using our EDI generation feature (which allows you to download an EDI file from Jane that you can upload to Office Ally, Trizetto, and Availity for submission), then please have a look at the following guide to learn how to generate your first EDI file:

Start Billing 5: EDI Claim Submission

If you’ll be paper billing or just providing your patients with superbills, please have a look at the following guides:

Cash Visits & Superbills

Generating a Batch: CMS-1500s & Superbills

Step 6: Get Paid!!!

To learn how to record your first insurer payment, please have a look at the following guide:

Start Billing 6: Posting Insurer Payments & EOBs

For an example of how to record an EOB in detail, please have a look at the following guide: A Deeper Dive Into Recording EOBs.

Step 7: Use the Free Time You’ve Discovered

Now that Jane is helping you manage your insurance, you can use the time you’re saving for whatever your heart desires!

Any Questions?

Have more questions after you’re set up or just want to be part of a helpful hive mind of people? Join Jane’s US Billing community! 🎉 🐝

In this group, you’ll have exclusive access to the help of third-party billers as well as a supportive and positive community that Jane is known for. 💙

And, as always, please feel free to search the rest of our guide, or reach out to our team. :)

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