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Proof of Vaccination

Proof of vaccination is a bit of a hot topic right now. Whether it’s government-mandated or you’re choosing to collect this information, we wanted to make sure you know how Jane can help.

We’ve had a few questions about this, so we thought we’d start with what Jane can’t do: there is no way for your clients to upload their proof of vaccination directly to their Jane account.

Fortunately, there are a lot of other ways to request and document vaccination status with Jane. Feel free to use the Table of Contents 👇 to hop around, or scroll through the entire guide to see what will work best for you.

Requesting Proof of Vaccination:

📣 Before They book

1. Online Booking Page Notice
2. Treatment Description (Before Booking)

📩 Before The Appointment

1. Reminders & Notifications
2. Intake Form

Documenting Proof of Vaccination:

📸 File Upload

✍️ Chart Entry

1. Star it
2. Pin it
3. Medical alert

Starred Note

1. From the Client Profile
2. From the Appointment Panel

Requesting Proof of Vaccination

If you are mandated to check proof of vaccination by public health order, clients will need to bring that with them to their sessions. To remind them of this, you can customize the language in a few areas of Jane.

If you are choosing to request your client’s vaccination status, and don’t necessarily need to see their card, we have an idea for that as well!

Before They Book

The following suggestions will be displayed on your Online Booking page. If you don’t use Online Booking in Jane, you could send a mass email to your client list letting them know you’ll be requiring/requesting this information using our integration with Mailchimp.

1. Online Booking Notice

You can add a notice to your Online Booking page by going into your Settings and selecting Language from the options on the left-hand side. Under the list of Customized or Standard Language, you’ll find an option for Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages. Click into this and add your message to the first text box.

You can add formatting to this message to help it stand out. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can click the blue text saying View Formatting Instruction. You can check the Live Preview in the box below, and then head to your Online Booking site to see how it looks. ⬇️

2. Treatment Description (Before Booking)

If you will only require proof of vaccination for certain in-person sessions, you can add a Before Booking Description to those specific Treatments.

To do this, head into your Settings and select Treatments & Classes from the list on the left. Find the Treatment in question and click the Edit button to the right of it.

Scroll down to the Description (Before Booking) and add your message.

Click the Update Treatment button at the bottom of the page and your message will appear in the description for that Treatment on your Online Booking site.

Before Their Appointment

1. Reminders & Notifications

You can customize the Language in your Reminders & Notifications to help your clients remember to bring proof of vaccination to their next appointment.

To do this, start by going into your Settings and choosing Reminders & Notifications from the left-hand side. Check that your Reminders are Enabled and your clients are subscribed and/or your Email Notifications are set to send. If they aren’t, you can use these guides to help you turn them on:

Now, you can head into the Language tab and add your message to whichever Reminders and Notifications you have set up.

Hot tip: use Command + F (Mac) or Control + F (Windows) to quickly search the list!

If you’d like to preview how these will look to your clients, you can always click into the Emails tab in your Settings and select the email in question from the drop-down list.

2. Intake Forms

You can create or modify an Intake Form to request clients self-report their vaccination status before their appointment.

If you are mandated to check proof of vaccination, we suggest using one of the methods listed above. Intake Forms can’t be used to collect a digital copy of a vaccination card, so clients will need to bring their card to their appointment.

Below is a sample Intake Form made to request the client’s vaccination status:

Need a refresher? Check out our guide on all things Intake Forms!

Here’s how we set up the sample above:

  • General: We chose to make a new Intake Form specifically for this, so we named it Vaccination Status, set it to send automatically to anyone who hasn’t filled it out starting next week. We also included a note regarding the purpose of the form in the Introduction.
  • Appointment Type: We chose to send it for All Appointments. If some of your Appointments are virtual, you may choose to send it only for those that take place in person. Yay for customization!
  • Profile Field: Since we’ll be collecting this information on another Intake Form, we chose to de-select everything that isn’t a required field in Jane.
  • Insurance Information: We selected Do Not Include, as we’ll be collecting this on another Intake Form.
  • Questionnaire: We kept it simple with a single, required drop-down box question.

You could choose selectable boxes with note fields if you’re looking to collect dates of vaccination or any related information. If you want to provide some more details for your clients, you could add Instructions or a Heading as well.

  • Consents: We kept Jane’s standard Accuracy of Information and Privacy & Sharing of Information consents and deleted the Cancellation Policy as it wasn’t applicable here. You can always customize these to suit your needs. We also chose to tick the Require Signature box.

Documenting Proof of Vaccination

Just as there are a few ways to request this information, there are a few different places you can document it. Feel free to skip to the method that sounds best to you, or scroll through to see how they all work:

Upload a File to the Client Profile

If you head into the Patients/Clients tab and click into the Files area on their profile, you can upload a copy of their proof of vaccination. If you are using a mobile device or tablet, when you hit Add File/Image, Jane will give you the option to Take a Photo. This photo will be transferred directly into Jane without being stored on your device.

From here, you can also choose to add this to the Client’s Chart.

That leads us to our next method…

Add It to the Chart

There are 3 ways we recommend adding proof of vaccination to the chart so that it’s easily accessible. You can see how each would appear in the screenshot below.

1. Star a Chart Entry.

If you uploaded proof of vaccination in your client’s Files area and chose to include it in the chart, or used a Questionnaire on an Intake Form, these will appear as Chart Entries. You can also select the Rubix cube next to New Chart Entry and choose the File/Upload item.

You’ll want to click the header of the entry to add a Chart Title like ‘Proof of Vaccination’ and then Save.

Hot tip: you can also create a Chart Template called Proof of Vaccination (or similar) just for this!

Once the Entry is ready, you can click the star to the left of the date. This will highlight it and keep it at the top of the Chart.

You can check out our guide if you need any more help Pinning and Starring Chart Entries.

2. Pin Part of a Chart Entry

In your Chart Entry from that visit, you can Add a File/Image by clicking the 3 dots to the right of one of the fields in your Chart Template and then hit the + button.

Choose the File/Image item from the list.

Once you’ve uploaded the proof of vaccination, use those same 3 dots and this time hit the Pin icon. This will create a card at the top of the chart that stays there until you choose to unpin it.

3. Create a Medical Alert

From the Chart, click the Medical Alert button at the top. This will open a text box where you can record the date you checked proof of vaccination. This will display as a banner at the top of the chart until you remove it.

Add a Starred Note on the Client Profile

You guessed it, there are a couple of ways you can do this as well!

1. From the Client Profile

Once you’re in the Patient/Client in question’s Profile, you can scroll down until you see the Notes area. Here, you can add a note regarding proof of vaccination and click the Star button to ensure it shows up on all of their appointments.

2. From the Appointment Panel

From the Schedule or your Day tab, you can click an appointment and the Appointment Panel will slide out. Under the Notes heading, you can add your message regarding proof of vaccination and Star it to ensure it shows up on all future appointments (until you choose to un-star it!).

You can learn more about using Notes here.

So many options! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to talk through which of these options would work best for you and your business. 💙

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