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Canadian Telehealth Regulations

If you’re looking for a bird’s eye view of regulations regarding Telehealth in Canada and, more specifically, in your province, this Guide offers a quick look at telehealth regulations based on your location and discipline.

We've collected these regulations from resources we could find. If there are others we're missing, please email [email protected] to let us know.

Please Note: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Naturopathic Doctors have been less likely to offer telehealth services historically and so resources are still being created on how they can best manage their practices with a telehealth component during COVID-19.



Jurisdiction Organization Resource
Canada Association of Psychology Standards for Telepsychology Service
B.C. College of Psychologists Offering Services Through Telepsychology
B.C. College of Psychologists Telepsychology Services Checklist
B.C. College of Psychologists Telepsychology Assessment Checklist
A.B. College of Psychologists Guideline - Telepsychology Services
S.K. College of Psychologists Section 16.1 Telepsychology
N.B. Psychological Association Adopted the Practice Guidelines by CPA
O.N. College of Psychology Section 15. Use of Technology
N.S. Board of Examiners Standards for Telepsychology Service
N.L. Psychology Board Telepsychology Documents
P.E. Psychology Board Practice Guideline: Telepsychology


Jurisdiction Organization Resource
Canada Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Technology and Innovative Solutions
Canada Counselling and Psychotherapy Association B16. Electronic Technologies
Canada Counselling and Psychotherapy Association E‐counselling: Possible Pitfalls
B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors Remote Counselling and Privacy Law
O.N. College of Registered Psychotherapists Implementing Electronic Practice
Q.C. College of Guidance Counselors Digital Technologies in Guidance
N.B. College of Counselling Therapists Adopted the Practice Guidelines by CCPA
N.S. College of Counselling Therapists Adopted the Practice Guidelines by CCPA


Jurisdiction Organization Resource
Canada Canadian Physiotherapy Association Tele-Rehabilitation
Canada Alliance of Physiotherapy General Guidelines
Canada Alliance of Physiotherapy Out of Juristriction Practice
B.C. College of Physical Therapists Guidlines for Tele-Rehabilitation
A.B. Physiotherapy College and Association Telerehabilitation Resource Guide
S.K. College of Physical Therapists Practice Guideline - Telerehabilitation
M.B. College of Physiotherapists Telerehabilitation Resource Guide
O.N. College of Physiotherapists Tele-practice: Guidelines and Resources
O.N. College of Registered Physiotherapists Implementing Electronic Practice
Q.C Professional Order of Physiotherapy Principles in Tele-practice (FN)
Q.C. Professional Order of Physiotherapy Blog post regarding COVID-19
N.B. College of Physiotherapists Links to Alberta's guidance
N.S. College of Physiotherapists Considerations for Telepractice
N.L. College of Physiotherapists Using Telerehabilitation
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