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Jane's Monthly Newsletter (May)

Hey Jane community,

We challenged Silicon Valley’s mantra of ‘Move fast and break things’ by asking, “Why does anything need to be broken in the first place?” This month, we’re introducing a new account setting designed to make breaking things feel impossible, along with several other exciting updates we’d like to share with you.

1) Test Patient / Client

Ever hoped for a worry-free way to experiment with different setups and workflows using a patient profile — without messing up any of your account data? We heard you.

Introducing Ted Test, your new default test patient you can turn on then off — and undo all the changes you’ve made from testing — right in your own account. 👋

This test patient allows you to:

  • Experiment with various workflows within Jane.
  • Manage your test patient data safely and separate it from your real patient records.
  • Step into your patients’ perspective by logging in as Ted Test.
  • Maintain all your account data by simply turning off the test patient.

You get started by heading to Settings > Test Patient and turning the toggle On. Give it a test drive and let us know what you think!

We hope this helps improve your overall confidence in using Jane.

Learn more about getting started with the Test Patient feature >

Honourable Mentions

  • Bundling Treatments & Products (survey): We’re hearing that you need different ways to bundle, combine, or package your treatments — beyond what Jane can help you with right now. To build features that work for as many of you as possible, we’d love a better understanding of the problems you’d like Jane to solve. If you’re someone who needs treatment add-ons, more advanced packages, or different types of memberships in Jane, share your thoughts in this survey. 💙
  • 🇺🇸Chart Status Filter: We’re making things easier for our in-network practitioners who are required to produce a signed chart note before billing a claim. We’ve added a new filter to the claim submission folders to help you easily identify claims with and without signed notes.
  • Case-sensitive Smart Options & Narratives: If you’re using this chart part, you may have noticed that your final narratives appear in lowercase letters. It was built that way to avoid mid-sentence capitalization, but we noticed this causing issues with acronyms. This summer, we’ll remove this auto-formatting so Jane will respect capital letters in your Smart Options templates. You can get a head start by updating your templates to ensure subjects and choices appear as desired, and we’ll give you another heads-up closer to the update, too.
  • Accessibility Improvements coming to Jane’s charts: In case you missed it, we sent out an email to share some accessibility improvements to charts that will be coming soon. If you have any questions about those, feel free to reach back out to us.
  • SMS Notifications Refresh: We’ve given SMS notifications a little refresh to keep you ahead of changing telecommunication regulations, and to ensure all your texts are delivered safe and sound. Here are the changes as of May 21, 2024:
    • To opt into SMS Appointment Reminders, new clients can pick their preferred reminder type with one click when they first book with you, and/or you can opt them in administratively with their permission (it may be helpful to add this to your new client checklist or ask them as they check-out 💙).
    • Clients can also opt-in via their Intake Forms and from their ”My Account” at any time.
    • Previously, there was an option in Jane to subscribe all new clients by default for text message reminders — this has been updated so that those will now start once a new client has actively agreed to receive them via the options listed above.
    • 🇨🇦 For our Canadian clinics: text message reminders will be coming from a new (toll-free) number for both new and existing clients.

Keep up-to-date on everything that’s new in Jane with our Changelog.

Community Callouts

Join your fellow community members and Jane ambassadors, Kendall Hagensen and Nick Meier, as they talk about the things they wish they knew before starting their practice in our first Ambassador Office Hours session.

Tune in to watch this session live on the Jane community group on Monday, June 10th at 11:15 AM PT/ 1:15 PM ET.

If you’d like a reminder email or don’t have a social account, you can sign up through the Zoom link here to catch the session.

🇨🇦 Hey, Canadians! It’s time to freshen up your bookkeeping. Join us for our May webinar hosted by Enkel, a leading financial operations firm providing online bookkeeping and accounting services in Canada.

We’ll see you on Thursday, May 30th, 2023, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET for the session: Bookkeeping Best Practices for Effective Clinic Operations

[Register to Attend Live or Receive the Recording]

Will you be in San Francisco on May 30th? Ditto!📍 We’re gathering at Arepas on May 30th, from 6:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm PT for our Jane-sponsored community connect event. Join us as Rachel Fleischman, our evening host, shares her story of overcoming burnout as a solo practice owner and psychotherapist.

[Get your free tickets here]

Thanks for helping shape Jane. As always, reach back out if you have any questions. 💙

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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