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Jane's Monthly Newsletter (December)

Hey Jane community,

As we wrap up our last product newsletter of the year, we’re not about to leave you empty-handed. Here are two updates to set you up for the new year.

1) A/R Report Updates

When finding account balances starts to feel like a game of hide and seek, we know we have a problem. That’s why we’ve made some helpful improvements to your A/R workflows to make the search a little easier.

You can now filter the Accounts Receivable (A/R) Report by Insurer or Patient/Client Account. We’ve also added the ability to sort this report by Name, Amount Owing, and Age of the outstanding balance by clicking on the headings — helping you prioritize your outreach.

Then, when you click into an Account with outstanding balances from the A/R report, Jane will automatically filter the purchase list so you only see invoices that contribute to the outstanding balance. We’ve even added a new Invoice Age filter to help you investigate further.

Learn more about collecting outstanding balances >

2) Side-By-Side Photos

You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, that got us thinking, “what can two pictures do?”

Introducing Side-by-Side Photos, a new chart part that allows you to upload two photos to a patient chart making client progress tracking a touch easier.

We’d love for you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

Learn more about this and other chart parts >

Honourable Mentions

  • Insurer Merge Tool: US Clinics can now merge two duplicate insurers together with just a few clicks. 🇺🇸 You can kick off this process by heading to Settings > Insurers and clicking the Merge Insurers button. If you’re using insurance features in Canada or anywhere else, let us know if this would be a helpful tool for you too!
  • Chart Search Filter: Finding Chart Entries, Intake Forms, or Surveys in a patient chart just got easier with a new Entry Types search filter. To check it out, go to any patient chart, select Filter/Export, and use the Entry Types option to quickly find what you need.
  • Support Holiday Hours: We’re closing down shop on December 25th. We also have fluctuating hours throughout the holidays, so feel free to check out our Instagram post for the full schedule.

Keep up-to-date on everything that’s new in Jane with our Changelog!

Community Webinars

Are you brand new to Jane? Do you have a friend or colleague considering making the switch to Jane? Then our first webinar of 2024 is exactly what you are looking for.

On Tuesday, January 16th, 2023, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET, we’ll be hosting New Year, New Practice Management Software: Switching to Jane in 2024 and we’d love for all our Jane newbies and anyone interesting in learning more to join us.

[Click here to register or to share the registration page with a friend.]

In this session, we’ll be covering everything from the first demo with us, to exactly what’s involved in bringing existing clinic records to Jane. Psst, we even have a dedicated imports team to help you unpack all your digital moving boxes! We’ll also touch on Jane’s ongoing support, helpful community content, and everything available to help you run and grow your practice.

If you know someone who might be interested, share this link with them so they can join us in the new year.

P.S. If you’ve recently made the switch to Jane and want to learn more about importing your existing files to your new Jane account, we’d love for you to join us too.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season. 💙

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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