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Generating a Batch: Superbills & CMS1500 forms

Who is tired of generating Superbills and CMS1500 forms one by one?

If you’d like to save yourself a few dozen clicks, keep reading!

Where can I generate a batch?

There are 4 different areas of your Jane Account where you can generate a batch of superbills or CMS1500 forms. In each of these areas, you’ll be able to download a zip file that includes superbills or CMS1500s for each of the purchases you’ve selected.

  1. Patient Profile (Billing Tab)

    If they are cash patients or you just want to generate claims per patients, you can generate a batch by heading to an individual patient’s Billing tab. From here, you can select the purchases you’d like to include in your batch, and then press the Export button when you’re ready!

💡Pro tip: If you can’t see the batch option, double-check that each of your claims has billing codes/diagnosis codes on them.

  1. Unsubmitted Claims Folder

    If you head into Billing > Unsubmitted Claims, you can start by selecting the top checkbox then press the Selected button in the top righthand corner. When you press this button, you’ll see the option to export a Batch Superbill or Batch CMS1500. This batch will include all of your claims that are currently displayed in your folder.

    Please note that if you have more than 25 claims in your folder and you’d like to create a batch that includes all of them, you will need to scroll down to the bottom to load the rest of your claims before exporting your batch.

    Alternatively, if you only want to include a select few claims in your batch, you can individually select the claims you’d like to include (perhaps by filtering your report) before clicking the export button.

  2. Patient Insurance Policies

    If you view your patient’s claim (one way to get there is Patient Profile > Billing > Insurance Policies > View), you can either export all purchases under that claim, or just select a few you’d like to include before exporting.

  3. Insurer Invoices

    The final area you can generate a batch from is within the Insurer Invoice section in your account. You can get there by clicking the Billing tab in the top blue bar, scrolling down to the bottom, and selecting your desired insurer. From here you can select the purchases you’d like to include before generating your batch.

Some Quick Tips When Downloading Your File

To download your batch, you’ll just need to press the Download ZIP file button(that will appear in a new tab after you’ve selected your batch). This will download a folder onto your computer that will contain each individual superbill or CMS1500 form you’ve included in your batch.

💡Pro Tip: If you need to make some edits to any of the CMS1500 forms that you’ve downloaded, you can do so in a PDF editor application outside of Jane!

It’s worth noting that these batches (either CMS-1500 or superbills) will generate a .zip file that will contain all of the dates of service selected as unique files (i.e. several claims or superbills). We sometimes get asked if it’s possible to generate a single claim or superbill that contains information for multiple dates of service, which at this point in time is not part of the scope of these batches.

However, depending on what you’re looking for — you might find the appropriate information present on a patient statement, which will also include the relevant codes, NPI details, and tax information for each invoice in that statement.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. :)

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