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Posting a $0 EOB

Have you received a $0 (zero dollar) insurance invoice or EOB and need to record it in detail? Maybe the patient hasn’t met their deductible and you still need to record what was approved for each code.

If so, keep reading!

📝 The workflow outlined below only comes into play if the clinic received a paper $0 EOB. If you notice $0 EOB’s come through your ERA’s or electronic remittances, Jane will automagically ensure that $0 is applied to all relevant codes. Check out this guide to learn more! Posting Insurer Payments With Electronic Remittances (ERAs)

Working Through an Example

Let’s say you billed 2 different codes that totaled $120 and received an EOB through the mail for $0 with some information on what was approved (or “allowed”) for each code.

The way to record this EOB would be to head to Billing tab and click on the insurer that sent in the $0 EOB, found under Insurer Invoices, then clicking onto New Payment.

Finally, refer to your paper EOB or remittance to find out which invoices have a $0 response from the insurer, and find those appointments in the following screen using keywords like the patient’s name.

Once you’ve located the appropriate invoice, hit Edit, then follow what your paper EOB states.

  • If the insurer states that both the insurer & the patient do not owe any amounts, hit Apply Changes right away.
  • If the insurer states that they aren’t going to be paying anything, but the patient now owes an amount and/or you will be billing any remaining balances toward the secondary, hit Edit beside the invoice in question and fill in the required fields as needed. Once done, hit Apply Changes.

Boom! And just like that, you’re done - feel free to reach out to our team for any clarification or questions on this.

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