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Posting a $0 EOB

Have you received a $0 EOB and need to record it in detail? Maybe the patient hasn’t met their deductible and you still need to record what was approved for each code.

If so, keep reading!

Working Through an Example

Let’s say you billed 2 different codes that totaled $120 and received an EOB for $0 with some information on what was approved (or “allowed”) for each code.

One way (and probably the easiest if you need to record multiple $0 EOBs at once) to record this EOB would be to head to Billing tab and click on the Submitted Claims folder. You can then filter this folder to search for the claim.

Once you’ve found the claim, you can click the dropdown arrow to the right of the claim and select the View Purchase option.

When viewing the purchase, you’ll need to scroll down to the Insurance section, click the dropdown arrow beside the patient’s Primary Policy, and select the Edit EOB option.

Now what you’ll want to do is add the Allowed Amount into the Deductible field for each code billed on the EOB, and any additional notes/reference numbers can be included in the note field in each section.

Hit the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the EOB screen, **and you’re done!

Other Areas in Jane to Record a $0 EOB

Now, maybe you only have one $0 EOB you need to enter into Jane - you can do this from the patient’s Appointment Panel as well.

Within the Insurance Info section of the appointment panel - click on the round drop-down menu next to the patient’s policy, and select Edit EOB from the menu.

The next step is the same as the workflow outlined above:

Boom! And just like that, you’re done - feel free to reach out to our team for any clarification or questions on this.

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