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Moving Day: Switching EHRs with Ease session FAQ

Thanks so much for taking the time to register for our session with our Jane ambassadors on moving to Jane. We’ve collected all of the questions from the session below, just click on them to expand the answers.

And if you would like some quick links to the guides mentioned during the session you can jump directly to those pages here:

Jane’s billing integration with Claim.MD
Basics of Importing to Jane
Learn more about how Jane is HIPAA compliant here.
How to import from Mindbody.
How to import from PracticeBetter.
How to import from Simple Practice
For information on transferring from your specific EHR, check out our guide on Where you can Import From.

▶ What's the process for transitioning from one clearinghouse to the next?

Great question! Jane actually just established an integration with Claim.MD and the process of getting that setup is super easy.

▶ Are you able to use Jane to do presentations to an unknown number of families?

Online Appointments for Groups is an optional monthly add-on for $15 per practitioner, per month. It allows for unlimited online sessions for 2 to 12 related clients — perfect for couples or family therapy.

▶ How do we collect clients’ card information prior to the switch to eliminate work for our clinical staff?

If you are using Jane Payments which is Jane’s internal payments processor, you will be able to require payment information before an appointment. Additionally, you can request that clients add a credit card to their client profile while filling out their intake form.

▶ Can Jane be used as a parent portal to access tailored messages and resources for a child client?

Jane’s Relationships feature allows administrators and clients to grant specific permissions to other related profiles, like allowing another profile to receive a client’s booking confirmation and reminder emails. For example, allowing parents to manage their child’s bookings, emails, etc. through their own log-in!

▶ Can we upload our own files, or use existing templates to modify?

You are able to upload your client files! However, if you are looking to upload your own existing templates for SOAP notes, that won’t be possible. With that said, Jane has an entire library of Chart Templates created by other users which you will have access to within your account.

▶ Is there a chat feature with clients?

While it's not currently available, secure messaging is definitely on our radar! We do have that on our roadmap as In Progress so that's something to look forward to in the future.

▶ Does Jane integrate with wix.com?

Jane does not integrate with Wix. But we do have direct website integration with the website builder Clinic Sites.

▶ Can I have two or three locations for booking appointments?

Yes! There is no additional charge to create multiple locations within your Jane account.

▶ What is the cost and ease of transition?

Jane has two general pricing plans:
⭐️ Base Plan - $79/month + $25 per additional full-time practitioner/$12.50 per additional part-time practitioner (<24 booked hours/week)
⭐️ Insurance Plan - $109/month + $30 per additional full-time practitioner/$15 per additional part-time practitioner (<24 booked hours/week)
⭐️ There is also an optional add-on for Online Appointments for Groups - An additional $15 per month, per practitioner

▶ How easy is billing?

Billing is super easy! Jane has billing options for cash and insurance practices, an integration with the clearinghouse Claim.MD, and a Billers Facebook Community with experts to answer any questions you may have.

▶ How do I transition my files from my current EHR to Jane?

Jane has a specific process where we're able to import your data for you, including your Patient list from your previous software. Our team does their absolute best to make sure your clinic has the smoothest transition over to Jane, which is explained in detail in our guide about what we can import, and file type requirements.

▶ Do you do telemedicine?

Yes! 1:1 telehealth sessions are included at no extra fee for all Jane accounts to help you stay connected with clients, wherever life may take you.
Online Appointments for Groups is an optional monthly add-on for $15 per practitioner, per month. This includes unlimited online sessions for 2 to 12 related clients — perfect for couples or family therapy.

▶ Do you have tech support by phone with representatives in the USA?

➡️ Sometimes, it’s just nice to talk to a real human. Our Support Team is located in Canada but we are ready to answer any calls from the USA. We’re proud to share our phone wait times are usually only a couple of minutes!
🇨🇦🇺🇸 US/Canada
Monday to Friday: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT
Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT
+1 844-310-5263

▶ Is Jane HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Jane is HIPAA-compliant.

▶ How much does data migration cost?

Your data import is included in the cost of your Jane subscription!

▶ Past and future scheduled appointments and medical records transferred?

This will depend on the EHR you are transferring from but if you are able to export your past and future appointments from your current EHR as an Excel or CSV file, then our imports team will be able to transfer those appointments into your Jane account for you. The same thing goes for the medical records 🙂

▶ What is the timeline from the signature to the go-live date?

This really varies from practice to practice but generally, we recommend signing up at the latest, two weeks before your desired import date (if you are switching from a previous software). We do offer a two-week grace period on your billing so you won't be charged for these two weeks.

▶ How far in advance of the “go-live date” should the import be scheduled?

The import is typically the last step before going 'live' with Jane and using it full-time in your clinic, so we just want to make sure you've finished setting up your account before your desired import date. You will want to Schedule the Import as soon as you have a moment, this way you can choose the dates that work best with your practice.
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