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🎥 Webinar: You Don’t Have to Know it All - An Intro to Tech, Websites, & More.

💡 About the Session

This meeting is for all the health and wellness clinics and practitioners that want to build a bigger and better online presence but don’t quite know where to start. 

Our speaker and Jane Ambassador, Lex Lancaster, digital operations expert from Lex Lancaster Creative Co. LLC, is excited to discuss building better websites with you. In this session, Lex will cover how you can use search engine optimization (SEO) to connect with more clients, along with tips and tricks for creating your own online content.

What you will learn:

💡 How to design an effective website that best represents you

💡 How to improve your website for search engine optimization

💡 How to create your own content with various software recommendations

👋 Meet Lex Lancaster

Lex has created her dream career by marrying her passions in life. She is a physical therapist turned digital entrepreneur and is living her best life helping other health and wellness business owners get shit done in their businesses.

She co-owns Renegade Movement and Performance, a sports and pelvic health physical therapy clinic in New England with her husband, Kyle. She is mostly the clinic manager at this point after decreasing her treatment hours and going all in on helping other health and wellness pros get backend biz tasks done for their own businesses. In Lex’s corner of the internet, she has helped countless health and wellness business owners level up and get things done in their businesses. She is here to help you clear your plate of the tasks you hate.

💻 Clinic Sites

Interested in a website builder that integrates directly with your Jane account? Learn more about Jane’s Clinic Sites integration here or connect with the Clinic Sites team here to see how easy it is to get up and running.

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