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Welcome to the home of Jane’s community stories. Here you can learn a little about the great work Jane community members are doing and the many ways Jane is helping them achieve their goals.

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Mental Health
Physical Therapy
Bursary Recipients

If you would like to share your story with the community feel free to reach out to us here and tell us a little about yourself.

Mental Health

Kendall Hagensen

Meet Kendall Hagensen. A mental health therapist, Jane Ambassador and the owner of Vancouver Wellness Studio, a multi-discipline health and wellness practice. She is also the creator of the Wellness Center Creators podcast, where you’ll find interviews with business experts, as well as resources, and solutions so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating your practice.

Read Kendall’s Story

Simone Saunders

Meet Simone Saunders a mental health therapist and owner of The Cognitive Corner, a mental health practice, in Toronto, Canada.

Read Simone’s Story

John Sendim

Meet John Sendim, a registered psychotherapist from Toronto, Canada and is the founder and director of UpLift Therapy for Men.

Read John’s Story

Zuraida Dada

Meet Zuraida, psychologist and clinic owner of Invictus Psychology based in Alberta, Canada. Zuraida’s collaborative approach to mental health care is helping people reconnect with themselves and strengthen their resilience, so they can live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Read Zuraida’s Story


Magen Henry

Meet Magen Henry. A mobile chiropractor specializing in perinatal chiropractic work. She practices in Georgia, USA. She is also the creator of Chiro Junky, an initiative helping to bring attention to other black chiropractors working in her area as well as informing her community of the benefits of chiropractic services for health and wellbeing.

Read Magen’s Story

Marco De Ciantis

Marco De Ciantis is a Chiropractor and the owner of two multidisciplinary rehab clinics in Toronto, Canada. His team shared their comprehensive phrase set that focuses on using short-hand to note take more efficiently.

Read Marco’s Community Study

Courtney Gowin

Meet Courtney Gowin, chiropractor and the owner of The Nest - a prenatal and pediatric wellness center that’s all about taking care of moms-to-be and their little ones in Addison, Texas.

Read Courtney’s Story


Robin Valadares

Meet Robin Valadares, a physiotherapist and financial literacy educator from Hamilton, Canada. He founded Financially Fulfilled Physio to help healthcare professionals improve their financial skills.

Read Robin’s Story

Anniken Chadwick

Meet Anniken Chadwick, pelvic health physiotherapist and owner of The Cheerful Pelvis in Vancouver, Canada. Anniken and her team bring compassion, tender honesty, and humour to their work every day.

Read Anniken’s Story


Brynn FitzGerald

Meet Brynn FitzGerald, aesthetic nurse injector at SOS Skin Calgary. Brynn and her team offer comprehensive, evidence-based, and personalized care in advanced medical aesthetics.

Read Brynn’s Story

Suzanne Jagger

Meet Suzanne Jagger. She is the owner and lead injector at Aura Aesthetics Medical Spa. She is also the creator of Aura Injecting Academy, which provides training to other advanced practice providers on aesthetic injectables as well as coaching on how to start their businesses.

Read Suzanne’s Story

Djuna Day

Meet Djuna Day. A licensed medical esthetician and laser technician. She is the owner of Bluebird Laser in Toronto, a hair removal clinic with a focus on meeting the needs of the trans and queer community. Djuna

Read Djuna’s Story


Alicja Kniffen

Meet Alicja Kniffen, registered massage therapist and entrepreneur from Port Colborne, Ontario and founder of Hands on Health.

Read Alicja’s Story


Stacey Whitcomb

Meet Stacey Whitcomb an acupuncturist and master’s graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Read Stacey’s Story

Physical Therapy

Jeff Moore

Meet Dr. Jeff Moore started the Institute of Clinical Excellence (ICE) in 2012, which helps healthcare providers improve their clinical practice to better serve patients. Jeff is also a partner in Onward Physical Therapy offering traditional in-clinic services in multiple states and nationally via telehealth, which now has 18 locations across the US.

Read Jeff’s Story

Bursary Recipients

Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy

Meet The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT). A not-for-profit organization offering engaging, comprehensive, and in-depth art therapy education, as well as mental health programs to the local community in Victoria, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island.

Read CiiAT’s Story


Meet Qmunity. A Jane Bursary recipient empowering LGBTQ2SAI+ people across Canada.

Read Qmunity’s Story

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