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Small Business Saturday Social Assets

Happy Small Business Saturday or whatever day you might find yourself here on this page! We’re so excited to see you making waves in your community.

🇨🇦 More info on Small Business Saturday in Canada
🇺🇸 More info on Small Business Saturday in the USA

In the spirit of community and creating conversations, we’re here to share some fun and shareable social assets to help you out there this weekend.

Ready Made Social Posts

We have some pre-made images with different colours and wording ready to be posted on your business socials to help nudge your favourite customers to start talking about you or any of their other favourite small businesses!

You can download the entire library of square social posts and social stories, to see all the different variations we’ve created for you to use.

Square social posts

➡️ Download square social posts here.

Social Stories

➡️ Download social story posts here.

Feeling creative? Customize the templates!

Our lovely designers here at Jane have also created a customizable Canva template for those clinics that want to put their own spin on the designs. Canva is free to use if you don’t already have an account. Feel free to change the colours to match your branding, update the wording, or pop in some additional assets and let your creativity flow.

Square social post template
Social stories template

Check out Canva’s design guide here if need any help making amendments to the template.

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