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UK Insurance Step 4 - Insuring and Billing a Visit 🇬🇧

We’ve broken this guidance up into small, digestible chunks, and you’ll find a detailed video walkthrough of each section at the bottom of the page, as well as links to the other guides in the series.

This guide is a bit more detailed, so you might want to grab a cuppa before settling into it. ☕️

We’ll break this down into two sections: Booking a Patient’s Initial Visit and Booking Follow-Up Visits.

Remember all the work you did to create those billing codes? This is where the cleverness comes into play. The most important takeaway from this section is the order in which you add the patient's insurance policy and your billing code to their appointment. This is the correct order of operations:

1. Book the appointment

2. Add your Billing Code to override your standard price before the insurance policy

3. Add the patient's insurance policy after the billing code

It's very important to add the billing code before the insurance policy for things to work correctly.

Booking and insuring initial visits

Let’s imagine we have booked our patient in for an appointment, and they bring their insurance policy information in with them. Here’s what their appointment might look like before adding their policy:

In the above example, the patient is booked in for an initial assessment at our private rate of £75. Now, we know this patient is covered by BUPA, and there’s a specific fee that BUPA pay for an initial assessment and treatment. Cue our billing codes!

Click on the appointment in your diary, and scroll to the Insurance Info area of the Appointment Panel. Click Add Policy > Add Private Billing Codes. Again, it’s very important to add the billing code before the insurance policy.

You can now search through your list of created billing codes. Hint: Press your space bar in the search field to load all your favourites. Any codes you create are automatically added to your favourites.

Add your billing code to the appointment, and Jane will quickly refresh the invoice so it reflects your billing code rate, rather than your standard rate. In my example, I’ve used a billing code to change the £75 standard fee to the £40 that BUPA allow us to charge for an initial assessment.

Now that we have changed the price using our billing code, we need to make sure Jane knows the visit is being covered by the patient’s insurance. Click Add Policy once more, and this time either select the policy you created for the patient, or create their insurance policy at this point.

If you’ve put things in the above order, the insurance info area should now look like this:

You’ll have your billing code first to override the price, then the patient’s insurance policy after that. You’ll also see that Jane creates two invoices for an insured visit. The full billing code amount should be linked to the insurance company by default, and there should be a “No Charge” invoice for the patient.

Awesome! That’s the patient’s initial visit booked with the correct fee 🙌

Booking and insuring follow-up visits

Jane makes it super simple to copy a patient’s appointment and all the linked billing information to another slot in your diary. The only thing we’ll need to remember to do is change the billing code to our follow-up price from the patient’s second visit on, to make sure the correct fee is set for future appointments.

For this example, I’m going to Copy the patient’s existing appointment:

After pasting it into the diary, you’ll want to use the Edit appointment pencil to change it to a follow-up visit:

Then scroll down to the Insurance Info area, and use the small dropdown arrow to change billing code. Now, select the code you created for your follow-up fee.

All being well, the billing and insurance info areas will look something like this:

You’ll have the correct billing code for your follow-up appointment, followed by the patient’s insurance policy information. The two invoices should reflect the amount being billed to the insurance company, and that same “No Charge” invoice state for the patient.

From this point on, you can either Copy the patient’s appointment and paste it into your diary, or book a fresh appointment each time and select Same as previous for the insurance policy. Jane will automatically pull through the follow-up billing code, followed by their insurance policy.

You’ll only ever need to worry about changing the billing code when they move from their initial appointment to their first follow-up.

Phew, we have covered quite a lot in this one. You can find a video version of this that goes into things in a little more depth here:

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!

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Written by Jamie - UK Support Team