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Jane's Monthly Newsletter (March)

Hey Jane community,

When it comes to your patients or clients, having the right information available is not just important — it’s essential. And that’s precisely what our newest updates are all about. Let’s get into it.

(1) Treatment Plans Report

The art of handling multiple treatment plans got a little less Picasso and a little more Da Vinci. Introducing our latest addition to our Treatment Plans feature — an insightful report that paints a picture of your entire caseload. 📊

This report helps you stay on top of all of your patients’ progress by viewing their treatment plan details in **one place.

You can ensure patients are adhering to their plans by easily viewing helpful insights, including:

  • A list of all patients with Treatment Plans
  • The status of each plan: Open or Closed
  • The diagnosis codes
  • How many visits they’ve had and how many are suggested
  • The patient’s first and last attended appointment
  • Exported reports will also include columns for diagnosis codes and patient numbers

To get started, head to Reports on the top blue bar and click Treatments Plans in the new Care category.

Learn more about the new Treatment Plans Report >

(2) New Email Preference Display

Ever found yourself sifting through a patient profile, unsure what their communication preferences are? To clear things up, we’ve reorganized how the email preferences section appears in their profile with some new headings and icons.

Now, you can see which emails your patients are opted in to under clear headings in their profile:

🔔 Reminders: For appointment confirmation and reminder emails.

📢 Marketing Emails: For promotional content sent out by your clinic.

⚙️ All Email Settings: A main switch that allows you to choose whether your patients should be emailed anything or not. This will show as ‘Do Not Email’ or ‘Emails Allowed’, depending on what you have chosen for your patient.

Also, If you’ve chosen ‘Do Not Email’ for any patients, Jane will now show a new ⚠️ icon next to other email categories indicating that those emails won’t be sent to your patients.

Learn more about Email Notifications at Jane >

Honourable Mentions

  • Insurer Merge tool: After rave reviews from our US customers, we’re sharing the love with everyone. No matter where you’re based, you can now merge two duplicate insurers together with just a few clicks. Kick off this process by heading to Settings > Insurers and clicking the Merge Insurers button.
  • Accessibility Improvement: We’ve made a few adjustments that make it possible to quickly navigate the main part of a page — whether that’s the Schedule or a patient profile — when using a screen reader + keyboard together.
  • Clinic Sites Webinar Series: Enable that Break ☕ button and mark your calendars for Coffee with Clinic Sites! Matt Morrison, Director of Clinic Sites, has some tips and tricks about marketing and websites that he’d love to share with you over the course of four 30-minute sessions — you can find the full schedule and register here.
  • Front Desk Magazine’s Online Debut: It’s time to spill the digital beans! We’re excited to share our first Front Desk digital blog post based on the print article, “How to Tell Clients You Are Raising Your Fees”.

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That’s all for this month. You can keep chatting with us by joining the Jane Community group, or by reaching out any time. 💙

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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