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Jane's August Newsletter (2023)

Hey Jane community,

Improving our features and sharing them with you is something that we always look forward to. This month, we’ve made some helpful updates to our Outcome Measure Surveys, including the ability to send them for Online Appointments. Here’s what’s new:

1) Outcome Measure Survey Updates

Along with our newest update to send surveys for Online Appointments (not just in-person ones), you’ll also be able to send your surveys at a new 14-day interval — before or after an appointment.

These settings can be found in two different areas:

  • For a clinic-wide survey, you can head to Settings > Forms & Surveys to edit or create a survey, where you’ll see these options listed in the Scheduling section.
  • For an individual patient survey, you can head to their patient profile, where you’ll find a ‘Set Up’ button in the Surveys section.

Learn more about creating and sending Outcome Measure Surveys >

2) US Billing Community Group

If you’re navigating the complex world of US insurance, we know it can feel overwhelming at times. But now you have a brand new community that’s here to help — meet our US Billing Community. 🎉

The Jane US Billing Community is a great one-stop shop for:

  • Learning and exchanging best practices, tips, and tricks for insurance billing in Jane.
  • Seeking advice from billers or fellow business owners and practitioners facing similar questions.
  • Sharing resources to enhance the group’s billing knowledge.

And much more! If this interests you, we’d love to invite you to join so that we can grow and shape it together. 😊

Hot Tip: If you started using Jane’s Integrated Claims with Claim.MD and have questions, this is a great group to ask.

Learn more and join the US Billing Group here >

3) Accessibility Updates

We’ve made some more improvements to the way Jane works with screen readers.

Previously, when trying to hop into the Appointment Panel, it took a lot of time tabbing through other appointments on the Schedule to get there.

Now, when an appointment is selected, Jane will focus on the Appointment Panel right away. And when you’re done with that Appointment Panel, you can hit the escape button and Jane will navigate back to the last appointment that was selected.

It’s important to us that Jane is accessible for everyone, and we hope this update makes it easier for folks using screen readers to work with the Schedule. Here’s a quick demonstration of what this looks like:

Learn more about accessibility in Jane >

Honourable Mentions

  • Online Booking: We tweaked the way each staff member’s name is displayed in the ‘Book by Treatment’ section of your Online Booking site. A staff member’s full name — instead of just the first name — will now be used. And, to keep things tidy, Jane will use “offered by [#] providers” when there are 5+ names listed.
  • Fullscript: For a while, Fullscript recommendations weren’t appearing in Print views. We’ve fixed that up and you’ll see those appear as expected now.
  • System Status: Did you know that Jane has a status page that can be accessed from the Need Help? menu in your Jane account? Ironically, that link wasn’t working for a little bit, but we’ve got it back up and running for you!

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Speaking of recordings: If you missed our August 24th session on How to Save Time & Money with Jane Payments, you can watch the recording here.

That’s it for this month, folks! Feel free to hit reply if you have any questions or feedback —  we always love hearing from you.

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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