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Using Your iPad/iPhone for 1:1 Online Appointments (For Practitioners)

Let’s get you running with Jane’s 1:1 Online Appointments on iOS!

Prerequisite: Download the Jane Online Appointments App

Begin by downloading the 1:1 Jane Online Appointments App. Find it on the App Store here.

Important Note: This App is simply a communication tool for Jane. You will not have access to your Jane account from this tool. See more below on accessing your Jane account on an iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Login to your Jane Account

First, you’ll need to log in to your Jane account. You can do this by opening your phone’s web browser and entering your clinic’s URL to load the app sign-in page. We don’t currently have a native App Store app that is specific to a clinic.

Example: clinicnamehere.janeapp.com/admin

Pro Tip: If you regularly access Jane on your phone, you can create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen. This will give you access to Jane with a single tap, and Jane will fill up the whole screen, without the pesky browser address bars at the top and bottom. Click here for instructions.

Step 2: Begin the Online Appointment

When it comes time to join your client for their 1:1 Online Appointment, find the appointment in your Schedule or Day Sheet view, and tap on it to open up the Appointment panel (double tap appointment from the Day view).

From the top of the panel, you can tap the Begin button to enter the 1:1 Online Appointment.

When your client joins the call, they will enter a private waiting area. They’ll see a message confirming their appointment details and letting them know their practitioner will begin the call shortly. You can see how that looks here.

If your client has joined the call before you, there will be a green badge on the appointment that says ‘Client is waiting’.

When you enter the call, you’ll be able to click the blue Admit Client button when you are ready.

If you join the call before your client, you’ll hear a chime 🔔 once they have joined and the Admit Client button will light up blue.

  • Practitioners and clients using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad): Please ensure the Jane Online Appointments App is up to date for an improved start of call experience. You can visit the App Store Here to update the App.

Step 3: Connect Video & Audio

After tapping Begin, you’ll see the Online Appointments App open to begin the video session.

Next, the Jane Online Appointments App will request permission to access your Microphone and Camera.

Tap OK to proceed.

Great! You’re all set.

Video Icons

Description of Icons starting from the left:

  • Text Chat Window - Use this to chat with your client through text and emojis.
  • Mute/Unmute - Turn on/off audio. Great for those moments when you need to mute your microphone during the call.
  • Leave Call - When you’re finished with your call, click here or simply close the tab.
  • Start/Stop Video - Click here to enable or disable your video.
  • Menu - Inside the menu, you can change your sound device, toggle the camera, enable low bandwidth mode, and enter tile view.
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