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Online Appointments: Sharing your Screen

As the world is slowly transitioning to the online realm, more clinics are moving into offering telehealth to their patients. In this guide, we’ll go over how to utilize the screen share functionality of your Online Appointment.

If you’re wanting to join your Online Appointment, feel check out the appropriate guides: How to Book Online Appointments and Start Them (For Practitioners) and iPad/iPhone for Online Appointments (Practitioners).

We also have a great overview webinar of Online Appointments, you can watch a recording here: Online Appointments Overview.

Sharing your Screen

When you’re in your Online Appointment, you will see a screen share symbol on the toolbar at the bottom of your session. If we click this - our screen share options will pop up.

Perfect - now that we have told Jane that we want to share our screen, we can advise her what specifically we would like to share with the other participant 🙂

Here, you will have 3 main options (who doesn’t love choice). You can either share an entire window, a particular program, or a specific Chrome tab. Once you have selected from these options, the Share button will turn blue and you can click it to start sharing.

Booyah - you’re rockin’ and rollin’ 🎉 You can navigate to the screen that you are sharing and the other participant will be able to view anything you do there.

💡 Pro Tip #1: When you first enable screen share, your video will turn off. You can toggle your camera back on if you’d like to have your video overlaid on the screen share, by clicking the video icon at the bottom. You can also use our handy shortcut key “V” to toggle your camera on.

💡 Pro Tip #2: When sharing a particular Chrome Tab, you can also share the audio of that tab with the other participant - perfect for sharing videos!

Troubleshooting your Screen Share

Apple loves to keep you extra safe - and any computers running macOS Catalina or later will have some additional safeguards in place to prevent unwanted screen shares, so there is an extra setting that we will need to enable to give Jane permission to share your screen with the participant.

To do this, let’s head to System Preferences and hop into Security & Privacy.


Let’s navigate to the Privacy tab. Here, let’s pop into Screen Recording and allow Google Chrome


If you’re looking to troubleshoot your Online Appointment as a whole, Online Appointments: A Troubleshooting Guide has some great tips.

Online Appointments Screen Sharing FAQ:

Can the Online Appointment Screen Share be Recorded?

Jane’s Online Appointments is set up with a focus on data security and patient privacy, using encrypted peer-to-peer communication. This approach keeps everything HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant (and ultra secure!), and as the data flowing isn’t saved anywhere, this information cannot be recorded. You can read more about the privacy and security of our Online Appointments in the Online Appointments FAQ.

Can I give my patient remote access to my computer or allow them to annotate?

As mentioned above, privacy and security are a big focus for Jane’s Online Appointments. Since you would likely have Jane running in the back which is full of your patient charts and records, we had opted to not let patients the ability to remote access your computer at this stage.

At this stage, annotation is not available using Jane’s Online Appointments.

What the screen size requirements to enable a screen share?

Any screen larger than 475 pixels in width - this generally covers computers and laptops.

Can the other participant share their screen to me?

Absolutely! The other participant can follow the same steps, as their interface will be the same.

Which devices can I share my screen on?

Any device that a) meets the pixel requirements above and b) has the Online Appointment through a web browser on a laptop or desktop. More specifically; this is macOS and Windows devices.

Right now, screen sharing isn’t supported on mobile devices, such as iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android.