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🎥 On Demand Webinar: Simplify your email marketing

💡 About the Session
👋 Meet Dr. Melissa Longo
🧰 Resources

💡 About the Session

In this session, Dr. Melissa will lead you through the ways to create messaging that truly connects with people. She’ll cover how to create successful email marketing campaigns, as well as content that keeps you inspired and helps you grow your practice.

Join us for this session to learn:

➡️  How to make your practice emails fun, consistent, and worth reading
➡️  How to highlight your personal and business brand
➡️  How to easily adapt your email campaigns to create other content to fit your marketing efforts

👋 Meet Dr. Melissa Longo

Dr. Melissa Longo is a Family and Paediatric Chiropractor in her 20th year of practice in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Not only is she a chiropractor, but she is also a busy business coach, offering group training programs to allied health professionals and entrepreneurs. She has successfully adjusted her business model to create a lifestyle she loves, which has become the foundation for what she teaches other healthcare professionals.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Melissa has also produced and hosted a TV show in her community on healthy living. She has been featured as a health expert on radio, television, podcasts, and online programs. You can listen to her weekly inspiration through her successful podcasts Rockstar Doctor Life & Work, Play, Hustle & Heal.

When she’s not coaching, or connecting with her patients, she devotes her time to her two active teenage sons.

🧰 Resources

Melissa created a special email marketing cheat sheet for everyone who attended the seminar. Just follow the link below and fill in your name and email to receive the cheat sheet!

📧 Email marketing cheat sheet
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🎙 Rockstar Doctor Life Podcast
🎙 Work, Play, Hustle, Heal Podcast

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