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🎥 On Demand Webinar: How to get more bookings from your website

💡 About the Session
👋 More about Jon Morrison
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💡 About the Session

Join Jon Morrison, co-founder of Clinic Sites, where he will show you how to create great client-centric websites. He’ll share how to leverage every opportunity to connect with potential clients and how to avoid the usual pitfalls that clinics make when writing about themselves. He’ll also show you ways you can flip the script and make your website and marketing materials all about your clients and why they need to book with you.

👋 More about Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison is a co-founder of Clinic Sites, the only website builder designed specifically for clinic owners. Jon is passionate about helping clinic owners reach more clients by helping them leverage and use the best tools available. Jon is the author of Now Start With Who, a TEDx speaker, husband to Hayley, and father to three daughters. Jon is a proud Canadian and (of course!) an avid hockey fan.

🧰 Resources

John shared his course on How to Build a Brand for everyone who attended the seminar for free, as well as a 7-day free trial to build a website with Clinic Sites. Just follow the links below to get started!

📖 How to Build a Brand Course
🖥 7-day Clinic Sites Trial

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