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🎥 On Demand Webinar: 4 Workflows to get the Most out of Jane in Your Medical Aesthetics Clinic

💬 Looking for a recording with the chat transcript or closed captioning? You can access that version here.

Join the Jane team as we sit down with Jeanine Harrison of 321 Launch Medical Aesthetic Business Consulting, to discuss how she uses Jane to run an efficient medical aesthetics practice.

Jeanine has 30 years of experience working as a nurse practitioner, and currently serves as the medical director to her team across three medical aesthetics clinics. She’s excited to share the daily workflows, tips, and tricks that her team uses to get the most out of Jane. She’ll cover scheduling appointments, creating gorgeous charts (Unique to how you practice), and what she includes in her intake forms and consents. We’ll end the session with some dedicated Q&A time, so have your questions ready.

A sneak peek at what you’ll learn:
⭐️ How to set up your Jane account for a medical aesthetics clinic
⭐️ How to create effective intake forms to properly assess your clients prior to their appointment
⭐️ Janine’s top tips and tricks for efficient charting for medical aesthetics clinics

👋 More about Jeanine Harrison

Jeanine Harrison has been in the nursing professional for 30 years and has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 22 years. After attending McMaster University for a BScN she spent 12 years in the Cardiac Intensive Care University before attending University of Toronto to complete a Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner in 2001.

Over the last 7 years Jeanine has built three large medical aesthetic and therapeutic clinics and is a medical director for her team at each site. Jeanine is the director of 321 Launch medical aesthetic business consulting, which educates medical providers in independent medical aesthetic business practices.

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