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Jane Summer School 2022: All Sessions

Welcome to the home of the Allied 2022: Jane Summer School’s full curriculum! 🤓 You can watch the entire playlist above, or browse through the courses below to find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

The Sessions

What’s New in Jane: The Latest & Greatest (& What’s Coming Next!)

Join Ali & Trevor, Jane Co-Founders, Mark, Head of Product, and members of Jane’s Product team for our Jane Summer School kick-off. In this session, they will share the exciting developments we’ve made in Jane over the past year and what we have planned for the future.

Developing Your Collaborative Leadership Team

In this one-hour workshop, we’ll be looking at what a leadership team looks like in the wellness industry, and how you can guide and nurture them to be truly effective, even when roadblocks appear. We’ll also look at what typical leadership positions and salary expectations are, and how you can take steps to recruit, develop, and retain an amazing leadership team!

Kick A$$ Customer Service: Create a Stellar Patient Experience

Join Michelle as we walk through some simple systems for enhancing your current practice, so you attract and keep the right people, achieve your goals, all while maintaining a healthy life balance. My hope is that these ideas help you to LOVE your practice even more on Monday morning!

Getting Started with Jane: Everything You Need For a Smooth Transition

Join Shivani, Bronwyn, and Alan from the Jane Team as they take you through the steps to getting your clinic up and running with Jane. You’ll learn our top tips for a successful data import, what we’re able to transfer from your previous software, and how easy it is to get your clinic up and running with Jane.

Level Up to a 7-Figure Group Practice!

In this session, Nicole will be sitting down and talking all about how you can create a self-operating group practice, ways to create the bandwidth to make those changes happen, and the keys you’ll need to build your dream team to run it. We’ll also cover some proven strategies for growing your practice income to multiple 6 or 7 figures.

Q&A: The Healthy Leader – Preparing Yourself For Practice Growth

In this session, Alison will be going over how to assess yourself to ensure that you are running your practice and that it’s not running you. She’ll also look at the benefits of conducting a practice audit to help you “reset” following the pandemic, considering such things as finances, operations, personnel, communication, processes, and goal setting with staff.

How to Set Your Virtual Office up for Ultimate Practice Success

Join Dr. Julie Durnan, ND as she discusses the strategy, process and checklist to get your administrative systems dialled for a successful virtual health practice. Learn about the exact steps you need to prepare to get your systems running remotely and the considerations you need to make to grow and scale your virtual health business.

How Networking Can Help You Build Your Business & Avoid Burnout

In this session, we will look at how to build a network of individuals that will help you grow your business and support you throughout your career. You will learn the key people to build relationships with to make networking effective, how to build strategic alliances that are mutually beneficial, and how to do all of this in a way that feels authentic to you.

Operations Secrets for Easier Growth: How To Grow With Less Marketing

In this session, we’ll look at how your day-to-day operations can help snowball your clinic’s growth so that each month gets busier and easier than the last to manage. We’ll also look at setting up your schedule so that it fills faster and some behind-the-scenes habits you can use in your clinic each week to bring in bookings, as well as go-to Jane features for smoother operations.

Zoom & Healthcare: A Conversation Between Jane Co-Founder, Alison Taylor & Zoom Head of Healthcare, Ron Emerson

Join us for a conversation with Jane co-founder and co-CEO, Alison Taylor, and Zoom’s Head of Healthcare, Ron Emerson where they chat all about the past and future of telehealth and health care.

Roundtable: Security, Compliance & Data Privacy

Join Jane’s co-founder and Co-CEO, Alison Taylor, as she sits down with community experts to answer some of your most asked questions about security, compliance, and data privacy, and even some questions you might not think to ask. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the session and we’ll also make time for Q&A at the end.

Roundtable: So You Want To Be a Therapist – Best Practices for Starting Your Practice

In this session, we’ll speak with new counsellors to learn what has worked for them. We’ll also speak with clinic owners and non-profit leaders to learn what they’re looking for when bringing on new counsellors, as well as spend some time talking about why it’s important to have an EHR system in place when starting out, before wrapping up with some Q&A at the end.

Payment Powered Practice: Let Jane Help You Get Paid

We’ll start our journey on the payments express by looking at what you need to know before choo choo choosing a payment processor and how you can tell if you’re paying more than your processor wants you to think you are. Next, we’ll show you how you can put Jane Payments Train to work to help you maximize your revenue while decreasing your admin time.

Elements Required To Scale Your Business

In this session, we will cover the elements required to go beyond trading time for money, to expand your offerings and increase your revenue. You will learn how to run your business rather than be left feeling like your business is running you. You will leave the session feeling energized about the possibilities that are available to you, and more clear and confident to reach the next milestone of scaling your business.

New Workflow: Billing Secondary Insurance Claims

This one is for our US community members who bill insurance! Join John and Earl from the Jane Team to learn all about our new workflow for billing secondary claims in Jane.

Pivot: Adversity is just an Opportunity

In this session, we’ll be talking about the ways you can harness your expertise to create a workplace you want to work in! We’ll also look at how to approach running a profitable business on a shoestring budget. We’ll be discussing ways to gain better business skills as a solopreneur, and how you should be aligning your pricing to reflect the care you are providing.

Marketing Essentials: How a Children’s Game Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Marketing

In this session, we’ll help you create intentional, predictable, repeatable, and optimized systems so you can bring in more clients to your practice while still being authentically you.

From Chart to Finish: Tips, Tricks & Tools to Master Charting in Jane

Join Kara and Mickey from the Jane Team as they take you on a deep dive into Charting with Jane. We’ll spend the session showing you how Jane can make your day-to-day easier with our Chart Parts, how to use the Chart Template Library, and even some shortcuts and tips you might not know about yet.

You’re Not in This Alone: Harnessing the Power of Community for Practice Success

In this session, we want to share our experience running an inclusive co-working community specifically designed to provide resources and tools to help mental health providers run their private practice. We’ll talk about why it’s important to find a community when trying to build a private practice (or really, any kind of business!) and how to find support within that community.

Rethinking the Traditional Front Desk Model & Improving the Patient Experience

In this session, we’ll be talking about how more and more clinics are ditching the traditional front desk model to combat labour shortages, while improving their patient experience. We’ll also be talking about the different ways to run your front desk operations in 2022 with a small budget and discover what other successful clinics are doing to support their existing front desk teams.

Workshop: Unlocking the Power of Jane’s Reports

Join Sayyada and Jeff from the Jane Team as they unlock the power of Jane’s Reports with you. They’ll walk through the reports in Jane that can help you understand your clients, appointments, billing, and more! We highly recommend having your Jane account open as you watch this session, so you can follow along and see the reports in real-time with your own clinic data.

Patient Communication Strategies that grow Your Practice & Increase Trust

In this session, we’ll be talking all about growing your practice and your income through memberships. Josh is a firm believer in membership-based programs as a fundamental approach to spending more time with patients and getting paid. His mentor often said, “reoccurring revenue is akin to magic”. We’ll be looking at clinic gym hybrids as a way for health care businesses to upsell and create stable foundations for reoccurring customers.

Combatting Virtual Fatigue: Restoring Your Voice, Brain & Body After Online Sessions

This workshop is for clinicians in any discipline who spend their days in any combination of in-person and online sessions and who are tired of… well, being tired! In this session, we will be looking at some practical strategies to prevent burning out while caring for others. We’ll be talking about why your brain, body, and voice take such a beating from online interactions, even when you’re looking forward to them, and how you can create an environment that doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted when you’re online or off.

How to Turn Appointment Data into Repeat Business, Reviews & Revenue

This session will walk you through some key things to think about for your practice, why it might be important to you, and where you might start to look for it. We’ll be talking about, the importance of data for your practice, giving an introduction to key metrics and data points and what they can tell you, and where to start to look for data and metric.

Roundtable: Secrets to Successful Customer Support – Tips for Training & Maintaining Your Team

In this session, Jane’s co-founder and Co-CEO, Alison Taylor, will be sitting down with members of the Jane Team who help train, onboard, and coach our award-winning Customer Support Team. During this roundtable session, we’ll be discussing what it takes to nurture and foster a successful Customer Support Team. We’ll also be sharing some anecdotes and stories from Jane’s nearly 10-year history, including how the common thread of empathy, heart, and just genuinely being human has remained the cornerstone of how Jane trains our team and connects with our customers.

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