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Jane’s New Pricing Plans

Hey Jane Community (Future and Present!),

Oh hi! You must be here looking for information on the new pricing plans launching on April 30th.

I’m Ali, co-founder of Jane, and I’m so glad you’re considering Jane for your practice. 🩵

It’s an honour for me that Jane gets to be a member of so many of your practices. We are always working to fulfill our mission of “Helping the Helpers” as you’re out there serving your communities.

⚠️ Note: If you’re a current Jane customer, or sign up before April 30th, then nothing is changing for you - your subscription will roll onto Legacy Plans. ⚠️

For the rest of you, let’s get to it.

Our existing plans are divided by whether or not a practice bills insurance directly, and that has meant we don’t have a lot of flexibility in how we offer the rest of our features.

One size really doesn’t fit all anymore. Some people want Jane to be a little simpler with a price point to match. Some want all the features they can get and find Jane super affordable.

This told us that we need a wider spread of plans to accommodate different needs.

👉 You can see all the new plans here

We like to think of these as Jane’s resumes and you can choose which version of Jane to hire.

So, let’s dive right into the new options:

1. The Balance plan is Jane as a part-time helper.

This plan is designed for solos and limited to ≤20 appointments per month, and does not include Online Booking or SMS appointment reminders, but DOES include 1:1 video appointments.

We’re especially hoping that this plan can help serve our part-time mental health community, who often tell us they find Jane too expensive with their very limited use and are less likely to use online booking.

The price tag will be $54 to match our current “Helper Rate”, with a temporary launch of $39 in the US to get the word out (essentially, $54 CAD).

2. The Practice plan offers Jane as a full-time assistant.

This version of Jane can help you manage all the day-to-day tasks of running a clinic and caring for your patients. This is actually pretty similar feature-wise to Jane from a few years ago.

This plan is being offered at $79.

We’ve removed some features from this plan (see the Thrive plan below) to create a cheerful core offering.

3. The Thrive plan is a version of Jane that’s learned a few extra skills. 🎓

This Jane is more of a partner in your practice and has all the features that you in the community are already using today.

With this plan, Jane can help with things like getting new clients in the door, keeping them engaged & coming back regularly, and helping (automatically) manage a busy schedule. We’ve moved a lot of our automated features here and features that help manage a thriving schedule.

This plan is being offered at $99.

What about Insurance?

Because Insurance is a practice style, not a value feature, you can make either of the full-usage plans (Practice or Thrive) capable of insurance billing for an additional $20 (plus $5 per additional practitioner).

Oh, and for you US cash practices…. Superbills are available on all of these plans (without adding insurance) for our friends in the US. 🎉

The Wrap Up

Again, we grow a lot by word of mouth (thank you 💙) and I want to make sure if you’re recommending Jane to your friends and colleagues, you know what that will look like for them after April 30th. #nosurprises.

For reference - to get the same features you’re on now the equivalent would be:

  • Current Base Plan ($79) —> Thrive Plan ($99)
  • Current Insurance Plan ($109) —> Thrive Plan + Insurance ($119)

As always, we strive to price Jane so that Jane’s “salary” is covered by the income from approximately a single hour of billable time.

That was true when we first launched Jane 10 years ago and remains true today - I love that just one hour of work pays for Jane for the whole month, and I’m committed to continuing to make Jane the most valuable member of your practice - to you, your admin team, your practitioners and your patients/clients.

We will continue to evolve all of these plans into the future and look forward to serving you and your communities with Jane. It’s an honour to be a part of your practices.

We’ll be emailing everyone with this update soon but wanted to share here first.

Thanks for reading what turned into a really long post. 😅 

If you have any questions at all, our support team always loves hearing from you.

Chat soon,

Ali & Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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