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🎥 Jane Masterclass Series: Converting Consults into Clients with Nicole McCance

💡 About the Session

Join Nicole McCance, a registered psychologist, business coach, and Jane Ambassador, as she walks you through practical ways for you to improve conversion rates on your consultation calls. In this session, Nicole will cover what you should be saying during your consultations with prospective clients, ways you can start tracking the success of your consults, and how you can use consultation calls to get more sales and grow your business.

Nicole has been in practice for over 15 years and grew her group practice to 55 therapists before selling it. She is excited to share the industry knowledge that helped her practice earn multiple 7 figure sums per year. Nicole will have Q&A time available at the end of the session, so make sure to bring your clinic growth and business questions to the webinar.

What you’ll learn:

➡️ What to say on a consult call
➡️ How to track the success of consult calls
➡️ How consult calls can reduce their sales cycle

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👋 Meet Nicole McCance

Nicole is a Clinical Psychologist who worked in private practice for 15 years in Toronto, Canada. She loved what she did but was sick of hitting the ceiling in her income. In 2016 she took the leap to start a group practice in an effort to have more free time and freedom as a new mom of two! After 3 years she was able to build her group practice to 55 therapists and bring in multiple 7-figure sums. The best part is that it was fully automated and running without her!

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