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Jane Biller Series: Setting up your Staff Billing Accounts and The Claims Process (Pt 2)

What you’ll learn in this session:

💡 How to review and edit Billing Codes
💡 How to review and confidently fix claims
💡 Clinic procedures and Jane workflows to create revenue rolling claim submissions

Meet Cortney Nadeau

Cortney founded PDXPERT Medical Billing LLC in 2016. It was born out of a desire to help practitioners create a more fulfilling practice and become a leader in business ownership & ethical business practices. Cortney worked in the alternative healthcare field for 14 years as a massage therapist and witnessed the hurdles in building and sustaining a thriving practice. She retired as a practitioner and spent 5 years training as an insurance biller and manager in a multi-disciplinary clinic before launching her own business. Cortney seeks to provide a more cohesive bridge between practitioners, clinic owners and medical insurance providers so that patients can receive better and more comprehensive care, and their providers are properly valued for their work.

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