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Jane Summer School 2022: FAQs

What is Jane Summer School?

Jane Summer School is here to help you grow your practice. Whether you feel like a freshman, a post-grad, or something in between, there will be plenty of sessions for you to learn from. And it’s totally free. No hefty price tag, no travel or time off required, but all the same value as an in-person event. You’ll get to hear from the Jane Team, Jane Ambassadors, and industry experts wherever works best for you. Pyjamas in bed? We’re not here to judge. 😊

Do you have to be a Jane customer to attend Jane Summer School?

Jane Summer School is open to everyone! Whether you’re a Jane user or not, we all know that class is better with friends and Jane summer School is no exception. Invite your colleagues, share with your friends, and make sure to get your BBF to come too. The more, the merrier! 🙌

Is this a conference? Is it in person?

We’re keeping the virtual format going because it worked so well for our previous two events! Before the event, you’ll be able to log into the event hub and select your sessions to build your Jane Summer School itinerary. If you don’t receive the link or have any questions about the event, please reach out to [email protected].

I’m registered, now what do I do?

Head on into the Jane Summer School event lobby. From there, you can explore the 25+ sessions we have in store for you and build out your itinerary. Just click the little bookmark icon on any session that looks interesting to you, and it will automatically appear on your itinerary. And remember, there are not separate links for each session this year. You only need the one main link for Jane Summer School to attend the sessions. This also means that you will only have one overall event on our calendar for each day of Jane Summer School. If you want to have each session you are interested in listed on your calendar separately, you will need to pop those into your calendar yourself.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes absolutely! If you can’t attend live, or if you want to rewatch any of the sessions, you will be able to log in to the event hub and find all completed sessions on-demand.

How do I network with other attendees?

During the event, you can use the chat function to engage and mingle with other event attendees during the session in the event lobby, and also 1:1 with anyone who is open to networking! Also, be sure to join the Jane community so you can stay in touch with anyone you’ve met along the way. Join the Jane Community here.

How much does it cost to attend?

$0! Jane Summer School is 100% free of charge. All you have to do is select the sessions you’re interested in, and then you can either join live or enjoy the recording on your own time.

Will the sessions be recorded?

You bet! We would love to see you at the live sessions, but if you can’t fit it into your schedule, you can still register, and the recordings will be available in the event hub after the session ends.

Can I get educational credits for attending?

We understand that many of you are required to submit proof of ongoing education to maintain your certifications. Unfortunately, we can’t provide any sort of education credit in that sense for attending Jane Summer School sessions.

I’m excited! How do I share this with my colleagues?

Well, aren’t you thoughtful! Share this page with anyone you think might be interested in attending Jane Summer School. They don’t have to be a Jane user. We’ll have useful sessions for anyone working in the health and wellness space. And, not that we’re trying to give anyone flashbacks to the FOMO days at school, but if you’d like to share the event, you can use the hashtag #JaneSummerSchool, and don’t forget to tag @janerunsclinics. P.S. There may also be some prizes for those who share!

I heard something about prizes. What are they and how do I win?

We all know that one of the best parts of school is making friends, and Jane Summer School is no exception. This event is open to everyone, whether a Jane user or not, so invite your friends and colleagues along. Make sure they let us know you invited them when they register, and we’ll enter you both into our draw to receive a $250 gift Apple or Amazon gift card each!

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