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Jane Summer School 2022: Building your Itinerary in the Zoom Event's Hub

Now that Jane Summer School is fast approaching, it’s time to get your supplies ready.✏️📝📓Grab your favourite pen, maybe treat yourself to a fancy notebook, and let’s sit down and build your Itinerary for the week.

If you haven’t registered yet, let’s do that first. Click the link below to be brought directly to the Zoom Events page where we will be hosting this year’s event. After you’re signed up, come back here if you need help building out your Itinerary for the week.

Register Here

If you’re already signed up, read on!

🖌 Creating your Itinerary

👀 Viewing your Itinerary

📆 Adding Sessions to your Google Calendar/iCal

Creating your Itinerary

The first step to building out your custom week of classes is by logging into Zoom from the Jane Summer School Event Page.

Once logged in, you’ll be greeted first by a selection of some featured sessions. If you see a session that piques your interest, go ahead and click the bookmark icon so it turns yellow to add that session to your itinerary.

To explore the entire session list, click Sessions in the top navigation bar, or the three vertical lines in the top right-hand corner if you’re on your cellphone.

Jump down the rabbit hole and start discovering what each session has to offer by clicking on the session card. Don’t forget to bookmark the session if you would like to attend it or receive the recording afterward.

Viewing your Itinerary

Click Itinerary in the top navigation bar to explore your customized itinerary for your week at Jane Summer School.

If you have any questions about how Zoom Events works as an attendee, check out the official Zoom guide by clicking here.

Adding Sessions to your Google Calendar / iCal

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep all their appointments and to-do’s in one place with Google Calendar or iCal, we’ve got you covered.

Google Calendar

For all you Google Calendar users you can go to the Jane Summer School Google Calendar and add the sessions to your calendar from there.

⭐ Jane Team Tip: We like to click on Agenda in the top right-hand corner for a nicer view of the Google Calendar.

When you have decided on the sessions you would like to attend, simply click on each one and press copy to my calendar beneath the session description. From there, you will be able to Save the session to your calendar.

You can also click the + Google Calendar button in the bottom right to import the entire Jane Summer School calendar into your own calendar. From there, you can pick and choose which sessions you want to leave on your schedule. We recommended them all! 😉


For the iCal users, just click here to download the .ics file for the Jane Summer School calendar.

This will add all of the Jane Summer School sessions directly to your calendar. From there you can pick and choose which sessions you want to leave on your schedule. Again, we highly recommended them all! 😉

And that’s it, you’re prepped for Jane Summer School! You’re going to rock it. But, if you still have any questions feel free to reach out to us here at Jane, we love to hear from you.

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