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Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Videos - Training & Overviews


There’s lots that you can do to manage your practice with Jane, so we’ve developed our very own Jane University. Front Desk staff can hit the ground running with our Jane University training program. For a more broad overview, have your staff visit our Practitioner Training.

Jane is also dedicated to providing our clinics with continued and ongoing support even after they’ve gotten settled in. Many of our FAQs can be found in our Guide and Videos and you and your staff are always welcome to phone and email support anytime. We’ve even built a feature into Jane that allows you to email our support team directly from your Jane account.

The following videos demonstrate several of Jane’s most commonly used features.

Getting Started

Setting up Staff & Scheduling Shifts


Practitioner’s Home Base: Day Sheets & Charts

Charting: Signing, Duplicating & Symbols


Scheduling: Navigating the Schedule

Daily Workflow: Book, Arrive & Pay


Billing: Jane Payments


Insurance: Billing a Visit to a 3rd Party

Insurance: USA Insurance Overview