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Option A

Friendly Summary

Have you opened a brand new Jane account, but aren’t sure where to start? Well, good news, you’re in the right spot! This video series will take you through the initial set up of your Jane account, walking you through the creation of Locations, Disciplines, Treatments, and all of the other essentials to take your account from out of the box to ready to run.

Each video builds onto the next, leading to a smooth workflow that removes the guesswork from the setup process. Once you’ve got those basic building blocks set up, you can also learn more about how to import data from your previous software or past Jane account, some online booking basics, and set up your reminders and intake forms.

By the end of this series, you’ll know Jane better and be ready to launch!

Option B


This video series will take you through the first steps of getting your Jane account up and running, starting with creating your Clinic Locations, right through to Intake forms. Each of these tutorials will touch on the different settings available, and will explain what they do and how to customize them for your needs.

These are best watched sequentially, as each step builds onto the next. You’ll start with the primary building blocks such as disciplines, treatments, and staff profiles, and continue on through setting up shifts, learning how to import data, online booking, reminders, and intakes.

These will get you to the finish line of your initial set up, and get your Jane account looking how you want.

Option C


Looking for a tutorial on how to take your account from a blank slate to uniquely yours? This video series will show you just that. It will cover those first steps required to customize your account, including:

  • Clinic Info & Locations
If you have a single location or multiple, this will help you get them all set up.
  • Disciplines
Sole practice or multi-disciplinary, let Jane know what your specialty is.
  • Treatments
Create services you will offer your patients, and specify their unique settings.
  • Staff
Get your staff set up to use Jane, build their profile, and help them login.
  • Shifts
Let Jane know your availability, for both admin and online booking.
  • Importing Data
How to bring your data over from a previous software or prior Jane account.
  • Online Booking Settings
Let Jane know how you want your online booking page to display and behave.
  • Reminders
Keep your patients in the loop with email, sms, and phone reminders.
  • Intakes
How to create an intake form that collects information and consents you’ll need from your patients.

Each of these videos will build onto the next one, and will take you from a fresh out of the box account, to ready to launch!

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