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Jane's September Newsletter (2023)

Hey Jane Community,

This month, we’re focusing on iterations – small yet impactful improvements to add even more value to Jane. Here are a few that we’re excited to share:

1) Longer Term Memberships

If you prefer a longer-term commitment with your patients or clients, we’ve increased the number of billing cycles you can choose from. Memberships can now be billed weekly for up to a year, monthly for up to a little over 4 years, and yearly for up to 52 years!

To get started, Full Access users can either edit an existing Membership or create a new one by heading to Settings > Packages & Memberships. In the “Expires after” field, you can click the drop-down next to Billing Cycles and choose between 1 and 52.

Then, your patients can be billed manually or automatically (if you’re using Jane Payments) for the number of billing cycles you’ve selected. Just keep in mind that billing cycle changes applied to existing Memberships won’t be reflected in those that have already been sold.

*Learn more about setting up your Memberships >

Learn more about submitting Claims through TELUS eClaims >

3) Claim Identification Improvement

We don’t talk about the changes we make behind the scenes that often, but we wanted to give you a peek under the hood to see how we reduced the potential for duplicate claim IDs with a recent claim identification improvement.

In the past, we used a simpler numerical system to track claims, which could result in workflow issues coming from duplicate claim IDs.

Now, with this update, we generate randomized 20-digit alphanumeric IDs, making it extremely unlikely that two claim submissions get assigned the same ID (we’re talking a similar probability of air spontaneously turning into gold, according to our in-house thermodynamics expert). 🤓

And with our Claim.MD integration in full swing, we’re continuing to ensure all the moving pieces like this are in tip-top shape.

Learn more about Integrated Claims with Claim.MD >

Honourable Mentions

  • Accessibility Update: For anyone using screen readers, **Jane is saving you some clicks. You can now jump right from an appointment to a patient’s chart area from the Day View by pressing Enter. And then, by pressing Esc, Jane will jump back to where you left off in the Day View to continue navigating to the next appointment.
  • 2-Step Verification Update: We’ve added an extra layer to our extra layer of security. The next time you log in with 2-Step Verification, you have the option to click “Remember this device for 30 days” so that you don’t have to enter a verification code when logging in on that same device.
  • Performance Improvement for Openings: How we calculate available openings in Jane got a little bit faster. We released an update to help address potential timeouts with large clinics, and we’re already observing noticeable improvements across all clinics. The average response time for a majority of requests has gone from 20s → 6s!
  • Billing Settings Improvements: Clinics can now add a Tax ID and Billing Provider Taxonomy Code to their Location, instead of having to add this information to each Staff Member’s Billing Settings.

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👩‍💻 Community Webinars

It’s time to join the Jane team on YouTube! For the past three years, we’ve been hosting webinars on a full range of topics like growing your clinic, website optimization, and security best practices. Now, we’d love for you to join our YouTube channel and watch our collection of webinars on demand.

Bring me to Jane’s YouTube channel

Speaking of never missing one of our webinars – if you’d like to learn about Mastering Patient Communication, you can register to attend live or receive the recording here.

And if you missed last month’s sessions, feel free to give them a watch:

Thanks again for being a part of Jane’s journey. Let us know what you think of this month’s updates by hitting reply.

Until next time,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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