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ICBC - Physiotherapy

ICBC has launched some exciting updates for billing Physiotherapy claims after April 1, 2019. This guide covers several topics all in one document. It may appear a bit dense, but don’t worry! If you’ve experienced portal billing in Jane before, it’s very similar and once you run a few claims through you’ll get the hang of it. Our team are also ready to help the first time! So feel free to ... Read More

ICBC - Chiropractic

ICBC has launched some exciting changes for billing Chiropractic services. As of April 1, 2019 : Claims billed per service date will no longer be billed through MSP/Teleplan Claims are no longer eligible to be billed under the Flat Fee Program All claims billed to ICBC for Chiropractic care will follow the same style of billing with a pre-determined amount billed on a patient’s first vi... Read More

ICBC - Massage Therapy

ICBC has launched some exciting changes for billing Massage Therapy services. The rates per service have been increased and patients who have sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident on or after April 1, 2019 are now pre-approved for treatment. If you’re new to billing Massage Therapy services to ICBC, you’ll first want to ensure that you have a Vendor Number. If you’ve previously been ... Read More

ICBC - Kinesiology

ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Kinesiology (Active Rehab) claims. Prior approval for Active Rehab is no longer required and the fees are now separated into different amounts for an Initial Visit and Subsequent Visit. If you’re a Kinesiologist, or a clinic providing Kinesiology/Active Rehab services, here’s how you’ll manage your billing for these claims in Jane. Create... Read More

ICBC - Clinical Counselling

ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Clinical Counselling claims. Prior approval for Counselling is no longer required and in addition to that, there is a separate, higher rate for billing an Assessment Visit. If you’re a Clinical Counsellor, or a clinic providing Clinical Counselling services, here’s how you’ll manage your billing for these claims in Jane. If you’re new to ... Read More

ICBC - Psychology

ICBC has made some exciting changes to the billing for Psychology claims. Prior approval for Psychology is no longer required and in addition to that, there is a separate, higher rate for an Assessment Visit. If you’re new to billing Psychology services to ICBC, you’ll first want to ensure that you have a Vendor Number. If you’re unsure whether or not you have a Vendor Number, you’ll want to c... Read More

ICBC - Acupuncture

As of April 1, 2019, ICBC now allows Acupuncturists in BC to directly bill for treatments provided to patients who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Super exciting! If you’re an Acupuncturist, or a clinic providing Acupuncture services, here’s how you’ll manage your billing for these claims in Jane. If you’re new to billing Acupuncture services to ICBC, you’ll first want to... Read More

ICBC Invoicing and Reporting - Effective April 1, 2019

If you are a practitioner or have practitioners working in your clinic under one of the following disciplines, you are likely wondering how to manage ICBC billing in Jane after April 1, 2019. Chiropractors Massage Therapists Physiotherapists Kinesiologists Acupuncturists Psychologists Clinical Counsellors ICBC has restructured the way that claims for patient’s injured in a mot... Read More

Teleplan Late Submission Reason Code

If you are submitting claims beyond 90 days old Teleplan will not accept them without something called a “Late Submission Reason”. There’s a few different ones you can work with depending on the insurer. Here are the list of what they are and what they mean: The Codes W - Claim not accepted by WSBC C - Subscriber Coverage Problem I - ICBC Claim A - Requested pre-approval claim in writing... Read More

Signing Up for Teleplan

All of the forms found in the document below can be accessed on the government site:  Click Here This is also a helpful guide:  Click Here Data Centre To register for Teleplan, you’ll need to register your location as a “Data Centre”.  You can either sign up as a Solo Practice or you can get a Clinic Number.  To begin this process, submit an Opted Out Enrolment Form (Supplementary Benefits P... Read More

Adding Your Data Centre to Jane

Please remember to view our guide on managing the Teleplan transition from one software to Jane: Teleplan Transition If you need to create a new Data Centre, please refer to this guide: Signing Up for Teleplan Step 1: Update the Temporary Password If you already have a password you use that is not the temporary one Teleplan assigns you, skip to Step 2. If this is your first time logging int... Read More

Creating and Setting Up Insurers (CA)

The first step in creating a claim is creating the insurer. To do this, ensure you are logged into an account with at least Administrative Staff/All Billing Access permissions. Create an Insurer In Settings on the left hand side, scroll down to the Billing section - Insurers Select New Insurer from the top right: The next step is to select the Insurer Type: Note: If you are looking fo... Read More

Working with Claim Submissions and Online Insurer Portals

We have many Jane users working with online portals to bill insurance companies directly for their client’s visits. This might be Medavie Blue Cross, your provincial Blue Cross, TELUS for WSIB, HCAI etc. 📣 Please note that WSIB in Ontario is submitted through TELUS which is different than Telus eClaims which we are integrated with. This means that you can submit WSIB claims in Ontario the s... Read More

Debit Request (Return Payment to Teleplan)

To return these payments made through Teleplan, you’ll need to submit a Debit Request for each payment. A Debit Request is the process through which the payment made onto a claim is refunded back to the insurer (ICBC, WSBC or MSP). To initiate this process, you’ll want to head to the Billing tab of your account and then to the Approved folder under Claim Submissions. It’s recommended that you ... Read More

Direction to Pay - Billing to Lawyers

Direction to Pay Intro Sometimes lawyers will work with you on a Direction to Pay agreement. This can be that they reimburse you for a patient’s visit either at the time of settlement or on a structured schedule (once a month for example). Jane can track and manage this type of billing by adding multiple “insurers” to the claim. Processes like this can appear complex as there’s a few steps ... Read More

Tracking Block Billing and Reports on Claims

If you’re tracking block billing or insurance claims that require reports at certain times, you can set tasks on each claim to ensure that you are notified at certain times throughout the claim. For example, if you need to submit a report at 6 weeks after the initial visit, you can create a task for 6 weeks for an extension report and 8 weeks for a discharge report. This allows you to follow ... Read More

Pacific Blue Cross - Submitting Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

Now that you have your Jane account integrated with Pacific Blue Cross, you’re ready to begin submitting claims - YAY! If you’ve been previously tracking your Pacific Blue Cross claims in Jane, but submitting them through the PROVIDERnet portal outside of Jane, below are the steps to take to transition existing patient policies If you’re brand new to submitting to Pacific Blue Cross, you can ... Read More

Integrations Hub & FAQ

Welcome to our Integrations hub page. Here, you’ll find information about each integration and some guides to get you started. We also have some frequently asked questions below. As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. Table of contents: Jane Payments Claim.MD Clinic Sites Telus eClaims Mailchimp ... Read More