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Pacific Blue Cross - Submitting Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

Now that you have your Jane account integrated with Pacific Blue Cross, you’re ready to begin submitting claims - YAY! If you’ve been previously tracking your Pacific Blue Cross claims in Jane, but submitting them through the PROVIDERnet portal outside of Jane, below are the steps to take to transition existing patient policies If you’re brand new to submitting to Pacific Blue Cross, you can ... Read More

Pacific Blue Cross - Setting up your PROVIDERnet Integration

This guide will walk through everything you need to set up your Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet integration so you can begin directly billing claims from the comfort of your Jane account. Who Can use the integration? Our Pacific Blue Cross integration is currently only available for clinics located in BC. If you are outside of BC and need to submit to their portal, take a look at our Working wi... Read More

How to Bill for Multiple Services on a Single Visit Using Billing Codes

This guide will go over how to create custom billing codes in Jane to bill for multiple services and treatments for your Private, Insured and/or ProviderNet Pacific Blue Cross visits. This is handy for billing for add-on treatments such as a Vitamin IV drip to a Subsequent appointment, Aromatherapy add-ons to a massage visit, billing for extra time if the appointment has gone over, etc. all on... Read More

Pacific Blue Cross - Reversing Claims Through the PROVIDERnet Integration

Sometimes you might need to make changes to a claim sent in by accident or with errors and you can do so right from within Jane. The first thing you will want to do is “view the submission”. Depending on your workflow you can do this from the patient’s claim (accessed via the main schedule as seen below or right from within their patient profile): OR you can also access the submission from... Read More

Integrations Hub & FAQ

Welcome to our Integrations hub page. Here, you’ll find information about each integration and some guides to get you started. We also have some frequently asked questions below. As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. Table of contents: Jane Payments Claim.MD Clinic Sites Telus eClaims Mailchimp ... Read More