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Trademark Usage


At Jane, we’ve been helping health and wellness practitioners run and grow their clinics for over a decade. One of our company values is to Love Jane, and in fact, we love and take pride in what our Co-Founders created as a company, brand, logo, and set of trademarks. We’d like to ask you to help us Love Jane by following our brand guidelines & trademark rules.

First, The Legal Stuff

The name “JANE”, the name, logo, and the other marks that we use are our trademarks (or simply, “marks”). As mentioned in our Terms of Use, these are Jane’s intellectual property, and you may not use them except for as permitted in our Terms of Use. If we think that your use of our marks is in violation of our guidelines or rules, or if we feel that your use isn’t in Jane’s best interest, we have a legal obligation to defend our marks and can revoke your right to use our marks at any time. The following guidelines may be modified from time to time, in Jane’s sole discretion.

The Specifics

Generally, the Jane marks should never be used in a way that could cause anyone to wrongly believe that their goods, products, business or services are offered by, endorsed, or sponsored by Jane. For example:

  1. If you aren’t actually sponsored by Jane, partnered with Jane, endorsed by Jane, you must refrain from using language that makes it seem like you are. This includes phrases, such as “Jane Partner”, “Jane.app Partner”, “Jane Endorsed”, etc.
  2. If you have a tech product, but you aren’t actually integrated with Jane’s product, you must not use the word “integration” when describing your product on your own website, social media, etc. This includes phrases, such as “Jane Integrated”, “Jane.app Integrated”, “Jane Certified”, “Jane.app Certified”, and similar phrases.
  3. Please avoid using or registering domain names that incorporate our name, logo, or trademarked domains or any of those that are confusingly similar to our name or marks. Please avoid creating social media accounts that have a username or title that suggests affiliation with or endorsement by Jane.
  4. You must not assert any rights over the Jane marks or any variations of those marks. This means that you are not allowed to incorporate Jane Marks or variations of those into your own product and service names, trademarks, logos, social media handles, company names and domain names.
  5. We take great pride in Jane’s logo. Please ask written permission before using our logo.
  6. Proper use of our logo means leaving it as we made it and not altering it in any way.
    1. Please leave our marks unaltered and independent of marks or logos with your name, your marks, or any other image, graphic, or terms
    2. Our brand colour is Jane Blue #00C1CA, and it should always appear in that hex colour or follow the instructions given in this brand asset guide.
    3. You must use our most up-to-date logos.
    4. Our logo is meant to be a logo that stands on it’s own. Help us maintain it’s uniqueness by not using it as the first letter of a word, not using it as part of a phrase with other words around it, and not overlapping it with other logos.
    5. Stay kind and help us make sure our logo is never associated with vulgar, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material.
    6. Our logo also needs to stay in English, not translated into other languages.
  7. If you use Jane or offer products and services related to Jane, you may use a Jane mark, brand name, or product name to refer to this relation when done in these ways:
    1. Jane’s name and logo must appear less prominent than your own.
    2. Your use of Jane’s brand and logo must not harm Jane.
    3. You do not stylize any aspects of our name, brand, or logo.
    4. You include a disclaimer that your use is not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by, affiliated with, or approved by Jane Software Inc.
    5. You include the following statement next to the mark: “this trademark is a trademark of Jane Software Inc., under used under license”.

If you any questions please contact us at [email protected].