Robin Valadares Jane Ambassador


Msc PT, BSc (Hons), School of Hard Knocks and Self Education for Personal Finance
Hamilton, ON 🇨🇦

Get to know Robin

Physiotherapist, Financial Literacy Educator

Fed up with trading his time for money as a physiotherapist for over 11 years, Robin devised a plan to get out of it. He noticed through his own experience and conversations with his peers that the traditional education system (TES) focused on creating skilled technicians in a certain field of study. TES failed to teach financial literacy, how to invest in the stock market, save for retirement, what an emergency fund was, how to climb out of debt, and who you should entrust with your investments. Frustrated with the lack of meaningful education (not just finance bro talk), he created a platform to educate other professionals on the importance of financial literacy, how to retire early, and quit trading our valuable time for money.

✈️ What area of the world do you most want to visit?

Central to Southern South America (Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile).

💙 What’s one thing you tell everyone they need to know about Jane?

Jane is a software, no - community - that continually outcompetes itself to improve the lives not only of the clinicians but the clients they serve.

📚 What is your favourite way to learn something new?

Youtube University and then physically doing it.

🎧 Podcast or book recommendation?

Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie / Die with Zero- Bill Perkins Podcast: Modern Wisdom- Chris Williamson