Noel Snodgrass Jane Ambassador


Portland, Oregon 🇺🇸

Get to know Noel


Noel is a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon, who’s been broken, repaired, survived and excelled and wants to share that with anyone who wants to also step into their own improvement journey. Noel believes that any day you wake up is going to be a good one, you just have to choose to make it so. To that end, Noel will get you moving and testing your own self and finally realizing what a joy it is to just be alive. But you have to do the work. It’s always work, but there’s also play. Your personal balance is key. Cookies for breakfast is great if you have a magnificent salad for lunch, so give yourself some grace and practice forgiving yourself while striving to make the world a better place. Noel is also a zealot for Jane and tells everyone how life-changing it can be if you let it.

✈️ What area of the world do you most want to visit?

Antarctica. Standing at the South Pole looking up to see just how small this world really is would be outstanding.

💙 What’s one thing you tell everyone they need to know about Jane?

Let Jane do the work! It does so much, you let it. Charting, insurance, telehealth, and more! And the support is the best I’ve ever seen in decades of using software. (PS, they listen to their users!!)

📚 What is your favourite way to learn something new?

Paper. Writing on it actually. I get so much more learning that way. The process of condensing your own thoughts in print/drawing/color and the act of doing it is the most powerful thing I know. Well, singing out loud is pretty good too.

🎧 Podcast or book recommendation?

Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead. Her ability to crawl inside the head of a young man growing up and dealing with addiction so mirrors current society as to be soberingly painful. A great read and a call to action. Knowing Dicken’s David Copperfield adds an incredible layer of eerie as well.