Nicole McCance Jane Ambassador


M. A C Psych
Toronto, ON 🇨🇦

Get to know Nicole

Psychologist & Business Coach

Nicole is a Psychologist (retired) turned Business Coach for therapists scaling to a group practice. She expanded her private practice to 55 therapists and multiple 7 figures in 3 years, sold her clinic in the 4th year and then retired as a Psychologist in her 5th year. She now teaches therapists how to help more people, make more money and have more freedom following her proven method.

✈️ What area of the world do you most want to visit?


💙 What’s one thing you tell everyone they need to know about Jane?

How you can pull your reports and being on top of your metrics.

📚 What is your favourite way to learn something new?

Reading - especially if it’s by the lake on my cottage!

🎧 Podcast or book recommendation?

Can I recommend my own podcast - The Business Savvy Therapist? haha I love the book the Emyth by Micheal Gerber too!