Josh Satterlee Jane Ambassador


Las Vegas, NV 🇺🇸
Get to know Josh


Dr. Josh Satterlee is a chiropractor from Las Vegas, Nevada and loves working with golfers- especially the old, crusty, grumpy ones! Josh has helped multiple Tour players get rid of back pain and increase their driving distance as well. Golfers respond very well to chiropractic treatment, soft tissue work, and (Josh’s favourite), rehab and exercise, and it's fun to help them. What more could a guy want out of the clinic?

✈️ What area of the world do you most want to visit?

In the future, I'd really love to visit Australia- specifically Bondi Beach!

💙 What’s one thing you tell everyone they need to know about Jane?

When people start with Jane, I always think the MOST important thing to work on is the Language tab in Settings. The messages we send out to patients are so powerful!

📚 What is your favourite way to learn something new?

My favourite way to learn is to get an overview, then immerse in it by DOING. I don't enjoy PowerPoints too much.... instead, lets get our hands dirty!

🎧 Podcast or book recommendation?

A great book recommendation is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It gives you superpowers once you understand how small- sometimes tiny- changes can positively alter your trajectory.