John Clarke Jane Ambassador


San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸

Get to know John


My name is John Clarke. I’m a therapist just like you, and I know what it’s like to feel lost and confused when it comes to getting new clients consistently and growing a successful practice with no business or marketing training. I’ve grown two thriving practices using the exact methods that I teach therapists today I also own and operate a group therapy practice called Calm Again Counseling.

✈️ What area of the world do you most want to visit?

Dream trip is going to Thailand! I train Muay Thai so would love to see a fight, and my favorite food is Thai food.

💙 What’s one thing you tell everyone they need to know about Jane?

Customer support is on another level! You’ll never feel alone navigating your EHR again.

📚 What is your favourite way to learn something new?

Podcasts and YouTube!

🎧 Podcast or book recommendation?

The One Inside podcast with Tammy Sollenberger (an IFS therapy podcast).